Your question: Why do I have 5GE instead of LTE?

5Ge is AT&Ts LTE advance network. It’s not any faster than what you has before, actually it has been shown to be slower than its competitors LTE advance networks. Basically, it is a marketing trick. It’s basically just a fake 5G, carriers are doing this in preparation for the new technology.

Why does my phone say 5GE instead of LTE?

The 5G E symbol replaces the “LTE” symbol that used to be there. … AT&T’s 5G E network stands for 5G Evolution, and it’s just a rebranded version of AT&T’s LTE Advanced Pro network that AT&T customers were using before the iOS update.

How do I change from 5GE to LTE?

Apple® iPhone® 5s – Turn 4G LTE On / Off

  1. From the Home screen, navigate: Settings. > Cellular.
  2. Ensure that the Cellular Data switch is turned On .
  3. Tap Cellular Data Options.
  4. Tap the Enable LTE switch to turn on or off .

Is 5GE better than LTE?

5Ge can be faster than older types of LTE but buying a 5Ge capable phone will not get you 5G when it’s available. True 5G phones are available for AT&T and the network now covers the majority of Americans but you should check your 5G coverage before upgrading.

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Is 5GE just LTE?

We’ve learned that 5GE is actually just a rebranded 4G LTE-A, so the question now is really how 4G LTE+ and 4G LTE differ. There are two things most people care most about when it comes to an upgraded network: speed and latency.

Why does my iPhone 12 say 5GE?

The main selling point of the iPhone 12 is 5G wireless connectivity, but there are many aspects to that network. … If you see just the “5G” symbol, that means you’re connected to standard 5G, on the sub-6GHz spectrum. This spectrum can be faster than LTE but slower than mmWave and higher-frequency 5G bands.

How do I get rid of 5GE?

How to turn off 5G on the iPhone 12. Open the Settings app then go to Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data and tap LTE. Your phone will then turn off its 5G connection, reverting to (sometimes) slower LTE connection.

What does the E stand for in 5GE?

In 2019, the carrier changed an indicator on some Android phones and iPhones to make it look like those phones may have connected to 5G networks. … It used the label “5G E,” which made those phones look like they have connected to a 5G cell tower.

Why is 5GE so slow?

It’s actually just the same LTE network you have been connecting to for years, but incrementally updated enough (software and hardware) that it is higher performance LTE than it was in the past, and they smacked an arbitrary marketing label on it.

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Why does my iPhone 11 say 5GE?

5GE, or 5G “Evolution” is the name that AT&T is using in areas where 4G LTE technologies like three-way carrier aggregation, 4×4 MIMO, and 256 QAM are available. … Your phone has probably already been connecting to AT&T’s LTE networks with these capabilities even before AT&T added its 5GE icon.

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