Your question: What is the use of PCI in LTE?

A Physical Cell Id (PCI) is the identifier of a cell in the physical layer of the LTE net- work, which is used for separation of different transmitters. Due to the construction of PCIs, the number of PCIs are limited to 504.

What is PCI in LTE?

Physical Cell ID (PCI) is one of the most important cell’s identifier in the wireless network of LTE system. Therefore, PCI planning is one of the most important steps in LTE network planning and construction. … PCIs, or Physical Cell Identifiers, in LTE networks provide a psuedo- unique value for identifying eNodeBs.

How is PCI calculated in LTE?

The LTE PCI calculator takes Cell Group Number (Physical Layer Cell Id Group) and Cell Number (Physical Layer Sub Cell Id) as inputs. PCI is the shirt form of Physical Layer Cell Identity. It is calculated based on PSS and SSS. … PSS takes 3 sequence numbers (0,1,2) and SSS takes 168 sequence number from 0 to 167.

What is 5G PCI?

Physical Cell ID (PCI) is one of the most important cell’s identifier in the wireless network of 4G and 5G system.It is PHY cell id which is required for DL synchronization. … To design PCI properly and efficiently will increase resource utilization and QoS of the 4G and 5G system for subscribers.

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What is the range of PCI?


PCI range Class
85-100 Good
70-85 Satisfactory
55-70 Fair
40-55 Poor

How is PCI calculated?

Per capita income (PCI) or average income measures the average income earned per person in a given area (city, region, country, etc.) in a specified year. It is calculated by dividing the area’s total income by its total population. Per capita income is national income divided by population size.

How do you calculate PCI?

The PCI is computed using the relation PCI = 100 − CDV. where PCIf = PCI of pavement section, PCI1 = average PCI of random samples, PCI2 = average PCI of additional samples, N = total number of samples in the section, and A = number of additional samples inspected.

What is TAC in LTE?

In LTE-based mobile communication systems, a Tracking Area Code (TAC) is defined by a group of cells for paging operation. … The proposed TAC reconfiguration scheme is designed by considering the mobility (handover) ratio of mobile users between cells as well as the number of users in cells.

How many PCIs are possible in 5G?

5G also has 3 PSS (0,1,2) as 4G, which means every third PCI will have the same PSS value, 0. This can cause interference on the PSS, so Mod-3 PCI planning rule cannot be completely ignored.


4G 5G
Count 504 (0 – 503) 1008 (0 – 1007)
Wireless connection