Your question: What is the basic principle of FM generation?

The basic principle behind FM is that the amplitude of an analog baseband signal can be represented by a slightly different frequency of the carrier. We represent this relationship in the graph below.

Which method is used for FM generation?

Direct Method

In this method, Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) is used to generate WBFM. VCO produces an output signal, whose frequency is proportional to the input signal voltage. This is similar to the definition of FM wave. The block diagram of the generation of WBFM wave is shown in the following figure.

What is FM simple words?

In telecommunications and signal processing, frequency modulation transmits information over a carrier wave by varying the frequency. … This kind of modulation is used in broadcasting and other radio work. In the context of broadcasting, Frequency modulation is often shortened to FM.

What is the difference between FM and PM?

In FM, the frequency derivation is proportional to the modulating voltage only. In PM, the frequency derivation is proportional to the modulating voltage as well as modulating frequency. … Amplitude of FM wave is constant. Amplitude of PM wave is also constant.

What are disadvantages of FM order?

Disadvantages of FM: Much more Bandwidth (as much as 20 times as much). More complicated receiver and transmitter.

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What are the 2 sections of indirect FM generation technique?

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  • There are 2 ways of generating FM waves.
  • FM generation using indirect method:
  • 1] Phase modulation and pre requisites:
  • 2] Implementation of phase modulator:
  • 3] FM generation:

What are the three types of modulation?

There are three types of Modulation:

  • Amplitude Modulation.
  • Frequency Modulation.
  • Phase Modulation.

Why modulation is done?

Modulation is important for the communication system. There are some needs for modulation signals; it helps to spare the signal from the different transmitter, helps to reduce the antenna height, and helps to transmit the signal over a long distance without any interference.

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