Your question: What is smart wi fi led?

The Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED Lights allow you to conveniently control your home lighting wherever you are using the WiZ app, or with Alexa, the Google Assistant or Siri shortcuts if you have a compatible voice device. Set light schedules and timers to fit your daily schedule.

What does WiFi LED light do?

Smart lights use wireless transmissions to send and receive their signals, and different bulbs use different methods to get the job done. Some use built-in Wi-Fi radios to connect directly with your router, which lets you control them remotely wherever you have an internet connection.

How does Smart LED work?

Smart lighting generally uses mesh networking, where each smart bulb wirelessly connects to its nearest neighbour. That network is controlled by a hub that plugs into your router, enabling your other networked devices – such as your phone or tablet – to communicate with your bulbs.

Do smart bulbs work without WiFi?

Thanks to backup Bluetooth technology in most WiFi smart bulbs, your lights can still operate if the WiFi or internet is down. Having hubs increased functionality and greater control over the lights. Still, they do need a working WiFi network to do all that.

How do I connect my smart life to WiFi?

How to Set-up With App:

  1. Download the “Smart Life” from the App store or Google Play. …
  2. Register/Login to the App using your phone number or email address. …
  3. Long press the On/Off button for 5 seconds until the light is flashing every second.
  4. Select Add Device or the “+” icon to connect your device to a socket.
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How do you connect LED lights to smart life?

Open “smart life” app after your register it > click “+” on the top right > click “All devices”> click” lighting devices“> then press and hold the wifi led controller for 5-6 seconds > then click the “confirm light blinks rapidly” in the app.> you can control your light strip freely now after connecting successful.

How do you connect LED strip lights to WIFI?

Plug your power source into the wall and then plug your light into the control box.

  1. Download APP. …
  2. Wi-Fi mode:
  3. Remote control via Internet:
  4. 1 to 1 Mode:
  5. 1.Create your Magic Home cloud account.
  6. 2.Add your strip light and modify the name.
  7. Enable Alexa Skill.
  8. 4.Login and Discover Devices.
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