What is TCH in GSM?

GSM has two types of traffic channels TCH/FS and TCH/HS. It is used both in the uplink and downlink after mobile has established connection with the GSM cell (BTS). … TCH/FS stands for traffic channel at Full rate speech and TCH/HS stands for traffic channel at half rate speech.

What is BCCH and TCH in GSM?

The GSM system has two type of frequency carriers, namely the frequencies that carry the broadcast control channels (BCCH) and the frequencies carrying only traffic channel (TCH). … The focus is on the downlink performance, i.e. it is assumed that the downlink is the limiting link in the system.

What is TCH blocking?

TCH Blocking: Reason & Solution. For Ericsson Vendor. When TCH is not allocated to the user after SD allocation ,it is TCH Blocking. It is the failed call attempts which the MS user can notice. It takes place due to lack of TCH Resource.

What are GSM channels?

GSM uses a variety of ‘channels’ in which the data is carried. In GSM, these channels are separated into physical channels and logical channels. The Physical channels are determined by the timeslot, whereas the logical channels are determined by the information carried within the physical channel.

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What is traffic channel GSM?

The traffic channels are the resources available to the user for either speech or data. A logical traffic channel in GSM is abbreviated by TCH. It can be used for either data or speech. The radio interface must support bi-directional transmission in order to support speech and data communication.

What is the range of GSM?

Frequency Band

The uplink frequency range specified for GSM is 933 – 960 MHz (basic 900 MHz band only). The downlink frequency band 890 – 915 MHz (basic 900 MHz band only).

How do you stop TCH congestion?

You can decrease the TCH congestion rate by adjusting TRX configuration of the idle and busy cells. In addition, you can enable the directed retry, load handover, and cell traffic balancing functions.

How can I improve my tch block?

Summary to Optimize TCH Block rate: – Check Hardware problem, make sure no hardware problem occurred. – Check Coverage, make sure no overshooting to avoid cells cover unnecessary traffic/Covering far area.

What is Sdcch blocking?

It is also used as a part of the call re-establishment procedure. SDCCH seizure is caused by immediate assignment, handover, and channel assignment Procedures. Congestion is signaled by the Immediate Assignment Reject or the Assignment/ Handover Failure message.

Why GSM services are separated?

The GSM standard also provides separate facilities for transmitting digital data. This allows a mobile phone to act like any other computer on the Internet, sending and receiving data via the Internet Protocol.

What type of switch is used in GSM?

The original GSM network is also circuit switched. Although GPRS introduced packet switching in the GSM network.

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Is GSM analog or digital?

transmission rate—GSM is a digital system with an over-the-air bit rate of 270 kbps. access method—GSM utilizes the time division multiple access (TDMA) concept. TDMA is a technique in which several different calls may share the same carrier. Each call is assigned a particular time slot.

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