What is smart WIFI on LG refrigerator?

Wi-Fi allows you to remotely turn IcePlus production feature on as well as remotely diagnose the unit. Sorry, there was a problem.

Why would you want a WiFi refrigerator?

Smart fridges make it easier to efficiently grocery shop and only spend money on groceries that you actually need. A wifi-enabled refrigerator can cost more upfront than a standard fridge. However, features like this could save money in the long-run preventing you from wasting money on extra food.

What is smart grid WiFi on LG fridge?

Smart Grid Function

When the refrigerator operates in Smart Grid mode, the Smart Refrigerator function can control energy usage or delay the operation of some functions to save energy during peak usage periods. at any time (using the Smart Grid button or application).

What does LG smart ThinQ do?

LG ThinQ® appliances work with the Google Assistant on devices like the Google Home and are also compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can use simple voice commands to control your connected home.

What is the purpose of a smart refrigerator?

A smart refrigerator is a high-tech programmed refrigerator that is able to detect the type of items stored in it and keep track of important details such as expiry and usage. These refrigerators work on a barcode or RFID system whereby they collect the batch and manufacture detail directly from the Internet.

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What does Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator mean?

French Door-in-Door Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerator – Stainless steel, Model # LFXS26596S is connected to Wi-Fi, and you have downloaded and installed the LG SmartThinQ application to your smartphone, it enables you to communicate with the refrigerator using your smartphone.

Does LG Smart ThinQ work with iphones?

From our ThinQ refrigerators and ranges, to dishwashers, washing machines and more, the future is now with these connected appliances. Download the ThinQ app, available for Android or iOS, and control it all from your smartphone. Want to go hands free?

How do I use Smart ThinQ app?

To begin, select your smartphone OS

  1. On your android device open the Play Store app.
  2. Using the search function type in “lg thinq”
  3. Open the LG ThinQ app detail screen and select INSTALL.
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