What is GSM in galvanized steel?

GSM means Galvanized Sheet Metal This acronym/slang usually belongs to Business & Finance category. … They can measure the thickness of the galvanizing with a magnetic thickness meter if they wish confirmation. Any reparation is to be carried out as per Clause 8 of AS/NZS 4680. GSM stands for Galvanized Sheet Metal.

What is 120 GSM in GI sheet?

‘gsm’ means grams per square metre. It’s commonly used to describe paper – typical photocopier paper is 80 gsm. 120 gsm paper is a luxury type, quite thick.

What is GSM coating?

It is achieved by given the paper the weight per square metre or in short GSM (grams per square metre g/m²) to describe the paper matter density. … These papers are superior to the cast coated and matt coated paper for two important reasons: 1.

What is GSM in GP sheet?

The galvanized steel sheets are produced as plain coils / sheets (GP) or corrugated sheets (GC). … The weight of zinc coating varies from 100 grams square meter (gsm) to 750 grams square meter. The weight of zinc coating varies with the thickness of the steel sheet and the application of the galvanized steel sheet.

How do you convert GSM to MM?

The GSM of card stock, for example, can’t be converted to MM by comparing it to bond paper. Your paper’s thickness may vary slightly from the table, since the composition of paper can vary. If your paper’s GSM value isn’t on the table, you can estimate to obtain its approximate thickness.

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What is thickness of GI sheet?

Plain Galvanized Sheet, Thickness (millimetre)0.40 To 2.5

Size (millimetre) 1220*2500 to 1250*3100
Thickness (millimetre) 0.40 to 2.5
Pattern Plain
Technique Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled
Material Stainless Steel/Steel

How do you convert GSM to grams?

Divide the gsm by 33.906 – really that is all. To determine gsm from oz/yd2 you do the reverse – multiple by 33.906. If it helps, this is what the formulas are based upon: 1 oz = 28.3495231 grams (oz to grams converter)

How do you convert GSM to thickness?

Its density is about 0.946 grams per cubic centimeter. Consequently, when reading a specification, the areal density (in GSM) divided by 0.946 is approximately equal to the average thickness of a polypropylene sheet in micrometers (or microns).

What is GSM in iron?

Galvanized Sheet Metal (GSM) is a metal product that has a protective zinc coating to prevent rusting.

What size is 12 gauge steel?

15 U.S. Code § 206. Standard gauge for sheet and plate iron and steel

Number of gauge Approximate thickness in fractions of an inch Weight per square foot in kilograms
11 1/8 2.268
12 7/64 1.984
13 3/32 1.701
14 5/64 1.417
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