What is GSM count in fabric?

GSM (also known as gm/2) = grams per square meter and is the metric measurement of the weight of a fabric.

Is 180 GSM cotton good?

GSM is short for grams per square meter. All fabrics have a weight, and the standard measurement for the weight and quality of fabrics i.e. grams per square meter.

GSM: Fabric Quality Metric.

Clothing Wear GSM Details
Plain T-shirt 180 GSM Suitable for SummerWear and as inner wear during winters.

What is good GSM in fabric?

Fabric Weight (GSM) Chart

GSM grams per square metre Oz / sq2 ounce per square yard Application
450 to 650 Face Towels, Bath Towels, Pool Towels
700 20.65 This soft, warm, dense and tightly woven fabric is suitable for coats, jackets, blankets, uniforms and furnishings.
900 to 950 Bath Mats

What is a high GSM count?

The higher the GSM number, the denser the fabric will be. Generally, lightweight fabric is between 30-150gsm, medium weight is 150-350gsm, and heavyweight will measure gsm of 350+.

Is 300 GSM fabric thick?

The importance of high GSM in towels

A general guideline to GSM ranges in cotton towels is as follows: 300 to 400 GSM: Lightweight, thinner, coarser. 400 to 600 GSM: Medium weight, soft and absorbent, good for bath or beach towels. 700 to 900 GSM: Heavy, soft and absorbent, high-priced, luxury bath towel.

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Is 200 GSM Tshirt good?

200 GSM – This is the most premium fabric used by top end brands. We only keep the Combed and Biowashed Variety in this Weight because its no use buying a high end quality without biowash. 200 GSM Biowashed tees have the utmost soft feel and premium look. And they last long as well.

What GSM towel is best?

If you are purchasing a hand towel or guest towel then it is advisable for the GSM to be at least 400. For Bath Towels, a higher GSM of 500 will provide a soft and absorbent towel. Typically, the higher the GSM, the better performance you will have from the towel.

What does 120 GSM mean in sheets?

Lower numbers means that a sheet is lighter. Higher GSM numbers indicate a thicker sheet. It is generally desirable to choose sheets that have a GSM number of between 90 and 120 GSM. Sheets that are within this GSM number range are usually very comfortable, soft, durable, and breathable.

What is a good GSM for microfiber sheets?

Microfiber sheets range in density from about 55 GSM to 120 GSM, with good-quality sheets starting around 100 GSM. Densely woven sheets with a higher GSM will be thicker and heavier. A tight weave is usually softer and more durable, but it may also trap more heat.

What is a good GSM for bed sheets?

Look for microfiber sheets in the 90-120 GSM range. Flannel: Measured in GSM. Durable, heavyweight flannel sheets are in the 170+ GSM range. Lighter flannel sheets will be less durable, but lighter and more breathable.

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