What is DRX in 5g?

DRX is a mechanism in which UE gets into sleep mode for a certain period of time and wake up for another period of time. … One solution would be that Network decide when to let UE sleep and when towake it up and inform the timing to the UE using a RRC message.

What is DRX cycle?

DRX cycle consists of an ‘On Duration’during which the UE should monitor the PDCCH and a ‘DRX period’ during which a UE can skip reception of downlink channels for battery saving purposes.

What is DRX in telecom?

Discontinuous reception (DRX) is a method used in mobile communication to conserve the battery of the mobile device. The mobile device and the network negotiate phases in which data transfer occurs. During other times the device turns its receiver off and enters a low power state.

What is DRX in LTE?

DRX in the LTE sense means that the UE is not monitoring the PDCCH in the given sub frame and is allowed to go to power saving mode. As uplink is scheduled in downlink PDCCH, the DRX parameter impacts both uplink and downlink performance for a UE.

What is Mac ContentionResolutionTimer what is the start and end activity?

What is MAC-ContentionResolutionTimer? The UE will start mac-Contention resolution timer from the immediate subframe after transmitting Msg3. As UE is waiting for the contention resolution which is through PDCCH reception on C-RNTI (in connected mode), the UE should be monitoring PDCCH.

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What is DRX and DRX active period?

During DRX mode, the UE powers down most of its circuitry when there are no packets to be received. During this time UE listens to the downlink (DL) occasionally which is called DRX Active state whereas the time during which UE doesn’t listen PDCCH is called DRX Sleep state.

What is paging message in LTE?

Paging in LTE network is used to inform and notify UE about various events. The propose of paging procedure is: To transmit paging information to a UE in RRC_IDLE state. … To inform UE about ETWS primary notification and ETWS secondary notification.

How does LTE stuff work?

The LTE network is based on Internet Protocol (IP) standards, the kind that delivers Web pages to your computer, and adds voice data to the transmission streams [source: 4G Americas]. It uses a schematic called OFDMA, or Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access, which is similar to the OFDM approach in WiMAX.

What is inactivity timer in LTE?

When the eNodeB detects a UE which does not have any traffic to send and receive during a defined period of time, usually referred to an inactivity timer (20s, 10s etc…) which is defined in eNodeB and also is configurable, then the eNB can initiate procedures to place the UE in idle mode.

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