What is AMBR in LTE?

AMBR is the maximum possible bit rate configured by the LTE operator for a particular LTE user for all of their best effort services. … It is a configured value by the LTE operator and does not change. LTE data bearers that are classified as Non GBR are scheduled according to the AMBR for the subscriber.

What is UE-AMBR and APN-AMBR?

The APN-AMBR (Access Point Name-AMBR) is a subscription parameter stored at the HSS per APN. The HSS defines a QCI for each PDN (identifiable by an individual PDN identifier) and an APN-AMBR for each ARP. … The UE-AMBR parameter, on the other hand, refers to the maximum bit rate allowed for all non-GBR bearer …

What is GBR and MBR?

A GBR bearer has a guaranteed bit rate and MBR (Maximum Bit Rate) while more than one non-GBR bearer belonging to the same UE shares an AMBR (Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate). … Non-GBR bearers can suffer packet loss under congestion while GBR bearers are immune to such losses.

What is extended APN-AMBR?

The Extended-APN-AMBR-UL AVP indicates the maximum aggregate bit rate in kbit per second for the uplink direction across all non-GBR bearers related with the same APN. When provided in a CC-Request, it indicates the subscribed maximum bitrate and/or the maximum bitrate retained in the PCEF.

What is LTE call flow?

With Long Term Evolution (LTE) comes a myriad of new and exciting attributes. One of these is the LTE call flow itself. In fact, call flow and signaling is unique for LTE, and is driven by 3GPP standards. Call flow is how signaling and sessions are created across an LTE network.

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What is APN in LTE?

APN LTE: Mobile Devices Making Data Connections must be Configured with an LTE APN. … Access Point Name (APN) is an identifier that lives in the LTE core network, otherwise known as the Evolved Packet Core (EPC). In that home, the APN comes into play inside the Home Subscriber Server (HSS) node of the core network.

What is GBR in 5G?

Like 4G, 5G QoS provides a Non-Guaranteed Bit Rate (Non-GBR) and Guaranteed Bit Rate (GBR) classification. … For GBR flows, there is a Guaranteed Flow Bit Rate (GFBR), as well as a Maximum Flow Bit Rate (MFBR) and a maximum packet loss rate.

What is Qci in 5G?

5QI (5G QoS Identifier) is a pointer to a set of QoS characteristics such as priority level, packet delay or packet error rate, etc. (Please check the below snapshot). These QoS characteristics can either be standardized or non-standardized.

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