What does waiting for Wi Fi mean?

The “Waiting for Wi-Fi” message shows when your download settings are set to Wi-Fi Only but a Wi-Fi connection isn’t available. To continue downloading without a Wi-Fi connection, select your device below.

Why does it keep saying waiting for WiFi?

This is because you have opted for DOWNLOAD ONLY OVER WIFI option in PlayStore settings. For downloading the apps using MOBILE DATA , you need to disable that option and then try again. There is an option inside the Play Store app, where you can turn off ‘WiFi only Downloads’.

How do I get rid of waiting for WiFi?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Choose Apps (Apps Manager).
  3. Open Google Play Services.
  4. Choose Storage > Manage storage.
  5. Open Manage space.
  6. Clear all Data and restart your device.
  7. Open Play Store and sign-in with your account.

How do I fix waiting?

Let’s see how to fix Google Play Store issues such as waiting for download on Android phones.

  1. Restart Phone. …
  2. Check Internet Connectivity. …
  3. Check Available Storage. …
  4. Check Date and Time of Your Phone. …
  5. Check App Download Preference. …
  6. Disable Auto Updates. …
  7. Check Parental Control Settings. …
  8. Clear Play Store Cache and Data.
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What does waiting for network mean?

What does ‘waiting for network’ mean? … ‘Waiting for network’ means that the app is having problems connecting to a network. This means that users cannot send or receive any messages and are completely unable to communicate using the app.

How do I set my phone to only update on Wi-Fi?

How do I set my device so that it only downloads software updates via Wi-Fi?

  1. From the Home screen touch. Apps.
  2. Touch. …
  3. Touch About device (depending on your version of Android you may need to touch the More tab first).
  4. Touch Software update.
  5. Touch the check box next to Wi-Fi only to mark it with a tick.

Why Play store is not working on Wi-Fi?

Clear data and cache on Google Play Services

If clearing the cache and data in your Google Play Store didn’t work, then you may need to go into your Google Play Services and clear the data and cache there. Doing this is easy. Open Settings and go to Apps. … Tap on the option that says Clear cache.

Why does Google Photos say waiting for Wi-Fi?

The Cause. The culprit is the Mobile Hotspot feature on Android. Such type of connection is treated by your phone as a limited one and the sync won’t start to prevent traffic wasting. That’s why Google Photos says “Waiting for Wi-Fi” despite you are already connected to Wi-Fi.

How can I download apps without using Wi-Fi?

If Google Play Store doesn’t want to download apps without Wi-Fi (Waiting for Wi-Fi), go to the Play Store settings by swiping from the left and select Settings. Then, go to App download preference. In the pop-up screen, select Over any network.

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Why is app stuck on waiting?

If an app is stuck waiting to update or download, it could be because there’s a problem connecting to your App Store account. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store then tap your Apple ID address at the top of the page. In the pop-up window, choose to Sign Out.

Why are my apps taking forever to download on new iPhone?

A lot of the time when apps are stuck waiting or not downloading on your iPhone, there’s an issue with your Apple ID. … Usually, signing out and back into the App Store will fix the problem. Open Settings and scroll down to iTunes & App Store. Then, tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen and tap Sign Out.

Why does it say nothing is downloading from Play Store?

If you still can’t download after you clear the cache & data of the Play Store, restart your device. Press and hold the Power button until the menu pops up. Tap Power off or Restart if that is an option.

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