Question: What is 5G S TMSI?

The 5G S-TMSI is a shortened version of the 5G-GUTI, designed to facilitate efficiency in radio signalling procedures such as Paging and Service Request. The 5G-S-TMSI is comprised of the AMF Set ID, AMF Pointer and 5G-TMSI.

What is TMSI in 5G?

5G Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity. The 5G-TMSI is generated by the AMF during the generation of the subscriber’s 5G-GUTI. The 5G-TMSI uniquely identifies the UE within the AMF, across all allocated 5G-GUTIs.

What is S-TMSI in LTE?

S-TMSI (SAE-Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity) is a temporary UE identity provided by the EPC which uniquely identifies the UE within the tracking area. The S-TMSI is the shortened form of the GUTI to enable more efficient radio signalling procedures (e.g. paging and Service Request).

What is S-TMSI and M TMSI?

Serving Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity. It is used to protect the subscribers IMSI during NAS interaction as well as identifying the MME (Mobility Management Entity) or MME pool that is responsible for the UE. … The S-TMSI is constructed from the MMEC (MME Code) and the M-TMSI.

What is tracking area in 5G?

Abstract: In Long Term Evolution (LTE) and future 5 th Generation (5G) wireless networks, the two procedures that are essential to track and locate mobile User Equipments (UEs) within the network are known as Tracking Area Update (TAU) and Paging.

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Who assigns TMSI?

Finally, SAE TMSI (S-TMSI) is an identity assigned by a MME to a user and is used to page the user [SED 10]. S-TMSI is a shortened version of GUTI.

Where is Guti stored?

The GUTI is stored in the SIM card. In any further communication, the sim card uses GUTI not the IMSI for security purposes.

What is Gummei?

The GUTI (Globally Unique Temporary Identity) has two main components, the GUMMEI (Globally Unique MME Identifier) that uniquely identifies the MME that allocated the GUTI and the M-TMSI (M-Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity) that provides for an unambiguous identity of the UE within this MME.

How is TMSI generated?

The actual conversations are encrypted using a temporary, randomly generated ciphering key (Kc). The Mobile Station (MS) identifies itself by means of the Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity (TMSI), which is issued by the network and may be changed periodically for additional security[2].

What is difference between IMSI and TMSI?

The Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity (TMSI) is a temporary identification number that is used in the GSM network instead of the IMSI to ensure the privacy of the mobile subscriber. The TMSI prohibits tracing of the identity of a mobile subscriber by interception of the traffic on the radio link.

What is paging message in LTE?

Paging in LTE network is used to inform and notify UE about various events. The propose of paging procedure is: … To inform UEs in RRC_IDLE and UEs in RRC_CONNECTED state about a system information change. To inform UE about ETWS primary notification and ETWS secondary notification.

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