Question: Can I get a SIM card without aadhar?

How will you get the SIM card without Aadhaar? The telecom companies would have to give the licenced version of the new app to its stores and registered vendors. Here, customers seeking a new SIM card will have to submit their original address and ID proof documents. … Till now, one can get up to nine SIM on a single ID.

Can we get SIM without Aadhar card?

Is Aadhaar mandatory for getting mobile SIM? NO. As per the amendments of the Telegraph Act, 1885, telecom users can use their Aadhaar number as a KYC documents along with authentication on voluntary basis to obtain a new mobile connection.

How can I get a SIM without ID?

No, it’s not possible to get SIM without documents, however if you consider the use of the bio-metric finger scans to use your adhaar details to provide you SIM is document less then that’s the option, however the adhaar will only be accepted if it’s local.

Is Aadhaar enough for SIM card?

1) Aadhaar no longer mandatory: You no longer need an Aadhaar card to buy a mobile SIM, The Times of India reported on Wednesday. The government had directed telecom companies to accept alternative documents like driving licence, passport and voter ID, the report said.

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What are the documents required for SIM card?

Following original documents can be shown as Proof or Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA) : Aadhaar, Voter ID & Passport.

Can I buy SIM card with Aadhar card?

As per TRAI, 18 SIMs can be purchased using 1 Aadhaar. This is how you can check if someone has taken a phone connection using the details on your Aadhaar. As mentioned earlier, 18 phone connections can be bought using 1 Aadhar card.

Can we buy SIM card online?

In order to purchase a SIM card, customers just have to follow a simple process. Users just have to log on to Amazon and place an order for the new SIM card. After this, Airtel or Vodafone executive will make an appointment with the user and then visit them to deliver the SIM card.

How can I get mobile number without documents?

Want to get a mobile number added in your Aadhaar card? You can get is done without submitting any documents. You just need to walk into an Aadhaar Centre with your Aadhaar card. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in a recent tweet said, “Adding a mobile number to Aadhaar doesn’t require any document.

How do I get a new SIM card?

It’s easy!

  1. Make sure your phone is off.
  2. Locate the small hole on the side of the phone. …
  3. Insert the tool provided or a paperclip into the hole, which releases the SIM tray.
  4. Take out the old SIM card and place the new one in the same way.
  5. Carefully push the tray back in.
  6. Turn on the phone.
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How can I transfer my SIM to my name?

You can Transfer the Ownership of SIM card. You have to visit authorised local operator store. Then you have to submit few documents for address and photo proof. Proof of Address and Proof of Identity is required from both customer (Existing and new customer).

How many SIM cards are registered in my name?

Here are the steps to finding the number of SIM cards registered under your Aadhaar card:

  1. Step 1: First open the link on your internet browser.
  2. Step 2: An SMS will be notified to the subscribers having more than 9 connections.

How many SIM cards can I buy in India legally?

Only nine SIM Cards for individual is allowed in India and having more than 9 SIM cards may cause you in trouble. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has directed to telecom companies to disconnect the services of subscribers who have more than nine SIM cards in their names.

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