Is the 2012 Ford Focus bluetooth?

Tech specs
Observed fuel economy 33.6 mpg
Navigation Optional (not equipped)
Bluetooth phone support Sync voice-activated, hands-free calling
Disc player Single-slot CD/MP3 support

What year Ford Focus has bluetooth?

The 2010 Ford Focus comes with optional bluetooth based on the trim that You have. It was an option that was tied into the sync system that is in the dash.

Does Ford Focus have bluetooth?

First, You’ll need to turn on Your phone, Your Focus (with the engine off and transmission in park), and Your radio/SYNC unit. Enable bluetooth on Your phone, and press the PHONE button on Your Focus. Press OK, then You’ll see ADD A DEVICE. … After the code is entered, Your phone is paired via bluetooth.

How do I connect my iPhone to my 2012 Ford Focus?

Here’s how to pair your iPhone with SYNC:

  1. Start your vehicle and power on your phone.
  2. Enable your phone’s Bluetooth® feature48:
  3. Press the Phone button to access the Phone Menu. Press OK. …
  4. Go back to your phone’s Bluetooth settings, and scan for devices.
  5. Both your phone and SYNC should now display a six-digit PIN.

Why won’t my music play through Ford Sync?

On your phone, turn Bluetooth Off, then On. On SYNC, turn Bluetooth Off, then On. … Find your phone’s Bluetooth menu > tap SYNC to connect. Make sure your phone automatically connects to SYNC.

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How can I tell if my Ford Focus has Bluetooth?

Administrator. Put your reg or chassis number in here , hit ‘Search’ , then click the ‘down arrow’ on the right . If it has Bluetooth you’ll see “BT/VC Phone Interface + USB Connect” listed .

Can Ford 6000 CD play music via Bluetooth?

Your Vehicle MUST Have 6000CD STEREO! Make Sure About You Unit Compatibility Before Purchase. plug into the CD player Jack (please confirm corresponding socket), mobile phone is connected with the Bluetooth module, aux audio source selection, you can play mobile phone music.

How do I sync my phone to my Ford Focus?

How to Set Up Ford Bluetooth

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your mobile device.
  2. On your SYNC multimedia system, press Phone > Add Phone. …
  3. On your mobile device, select your Ford SYNC system in the Bluetooth menu. …
  4. Your mobile device and Ford SYNC system are now connected via Bluetooth.
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