How long has KISS FM been around?

Kiss FM began in October 1985 as a pirate radio station, broadcasting first to South London then across the whole city, on 94FM. The station initially broadcast at the weekends and after a year of operation added a Friday line-up to the schedule taking the number of DJs on-air to just under 50.

What does kiss stand for in radio?

The K.I.S.S. technique has been a favorite among marketers for decades, especially when it comes to billboards, short radio spots, or television ads that fill less then :10 seconds worth of inventory. The acronym stands for: Keep It Simple Stupid.

Does KISS FM still exist?

iHeartMedia claims ownership of the KISS-FM brand in the United States and operates most KISS-FM formatted stations there, though not KISS-FM in San Antonio, Texas, or KISS-FM America on TuneIn. …

Who owns Kiss FM UK?

How does Kiss FM make money?

Over the years, Kiss FM has hosted countless audio advertisements, responsible for the bulk of the revenue that the business has generated. These ads played between shows and music sessions earned different amounts of money depending on the nature of the marketing scheme, and the length of time the ad ran for.

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What do the W and K stand for in call letters?

So what do call letters mean? And why? First, the basics. In the United States, call signs begin with the letter K, W or N. N is reserved for military and government use, so we are left with K, generally for stations West of the Mississippi River and W for those East.

What music does Kiss FM play?

So, what actually is Kiss FM? And what kind of music do they play? Well, they play mostly pop, dance and hip hop music from the charts. This is as well as some of the more classic songs from those genres.

What happened to Kiss FM on Siriusxm?

On June 8, 2011, KIIS-FM began rebroadcasting on Sirius XM channel 11. Since the end of 2003, Clear Channel had replaced the KIIS simulcast with an exclusive KISS XM channel. In 2004, all XM music channels went commercial free, and KIIS-FM was replaced with a unique-to-XM KISS-XM channel, retaining the same format.

What is KISS radio number?

Kiss 105-108 – Wikipedia.

What frequency is Kiss FM Spain?

FM Frequencies / frecuencias de FM

MHz p program
89.4 Kiss FM
89.5 m Kiss FM (Mallorca)
90.1 v Kiss FM (Málaga)
90.8 m Kiss FM (Madrid)

Who is Kiss FM target audience?


The KISS audience is a 15-34, 60/40 Female to Male split and united by their love of music and the cool stuff they’re into right now.

What frequency is Kiss FM Manchester?

This station has more than one FM frequency in its broadcast area of ‘UK’.

Listen to KISS on FM.

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FM 97.2 MHz
FM 106.4 MHz
FM 107.7 MHz
Wireless connection