How do I turn off VoLTE xiaomi?

How do I turn on VoLTE xiaomi?

How to activate VoLTE on your Xiaomi

  1. Dial * # * # 86583 # * # *. After that, the message ” VoLTE Carrier check was disabled ” will appear, thus activating VoLTE on our Xiaomi.
  2. Next we will go to Settings> SIM cards and mobile networks.
  3. Once inside we will activate the option Use VoLTE .

How do I turn off VoLTE settings?

Turn off VoLTE on an Android device.

For an Android device go to, “Settings”. Then go to, “Advanced Calling”. Then go to, “Wireless networks”. Tap on “Advanced Calling” and turn it to, “Off”.

Does xiaomi have VoLTE?

By default, VoLTE will be active. If it is not, you can change the network preferences from Network option in settings. Tap Cellular networks > Enable Voice over LTE On/ Off.

How do I turn on VoLTE?

VoLTE is a simple toggle switch in Settings. Android Phones: Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > toggle on or off. iOS Phones: Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data > select LTE VoLTE On or Off.

What number do you call to activate VoLTE?

Dial *#*#4636#*#* on the dialer app. In case you see “Turn on VOLTE Provision Flag”, just turn it on in the same menu.

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What happens if I turn off VoLTE?

If your carrier supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE), you’ll see these options: Off: Turns off LTE. Voice & Data: Allows voice calls and cellular-data use over LTE. Data Only: Allows cellular-data use, but not voice calls over LTE.

How do I disable VoLTE carrier check?

1. Disable VoLTE carrier check on your Xiaomi phone. Dial *#*#86583#*#* on your Xiaomi phone dialer. You will receive a message at the bottom of the screen stating, “Volte carrier check was disabled”.

How do I disable VoLTE on Android?

Android 7.0 Nougat

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Tap Settings > Connections.
  3. Tap Mobile networks.
  4. Slide the VoLTE calls switch to the ON or OFF position.

Why did VoLTE appear on my phone?

VoLTE means Voice over LTE. The icon notifies you that you are now able to phone over LTE. This means, it’s not necessary in order to make a phone call to switch back to 3G (You cannot phone over normal LTE).

Which phones support VoLTE?


  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy A8+ Star (2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016)

Is Poco F3 VoLTE?

Top 3 Poco Mobile Phones With VoLTE are as follows: Poco F3 GT: VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Dual Sim, 5G, IR Blaster. Poco X3 GT: NFC, 2.6 GHz Processor, 128 GB inbuilt, Octa Core, 3G.

Poco Mobile Phones With VoLTE.

Mobile Phones Price Available From
Poco F3 GT 5G (8GB RAM+256GB) ₹29,999 Jul, 2021
Poco M3 (6GB RAM + 128GB) ₹12,999 Feb, 2021
Poco C3 ₹7,999 Oct, 2020
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