How do I remove FON WiFi?

Can I opt out of BT FON?

Go to > Click on the Check Status link on the left of the page. Enter your email address and password and click on the Check Status button. Scroll down to the opt-out section.

Why do I have FON WiFi?

Fon Spots are made up of two separate, dedicated WiFi signals – one private signal just for the user and one shared signal for other members and visitors to the network. It allows to safely share a bit of WiFi at home with others and, in return, free connectivity wherever there is a Fon Spot.

How do I delete old Wi-Fi networks?


  1. From the home screen, choose Settings.
  2. In the settings menu, choose Wi-Fi.
  3. Press and hold the Wi-Fi network to be removed, and then choose Forget.

How do I stop BT WiFi with FON?

Select BT Wi-fi in the list and click on the Properties button. Select the Connection tab and make sure the tick is removed from the “Connect when this network is in range” box. Remove the BT Wi-fi entry if you don’t want it any more. Select BT Wi-fi in the list and click on the Remove button.

What happened to BT WiFi with Fon?

In the last days, BT and Fon have rebranded their joint WiFi service. This rebranding is the result of a collective effort between BT and Fon to simplify WiFi access for its customers and members, making it easy to find and recognize all around the UK. We’re really excited about it.

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Is BT with Fon secure?

By their very nature, they don’t have wireless encryption so people can use them as a public service. This means there’s a risk information could be intercepted if a website doesn’t secure its data as it passes between your laptop or smartphone and the hotspot.

Does BT WiFi Fon slow my connection?

BT FON definitely does slow down your speed, I have seen several of your posts advising people that it doesn’t and I just ignored them. However I have connected my laptop to my broadband and at the same time connected a second laptop to the FON hotspot.

How do I activate Fon WiFi?

To activate a pass, simply tap on Activate and your pass will be ready to go. When you get close enough to your first Fon hotspot, the countdown timer will begin. Active passes will appear at the top of the My account section and within My passes.

Is Fon WiFi fast?

Fon WiFi speeds and performance

Part of the Telstra Air network includes public payphones that have been converted into WiFi hotspots, which can reach speeds of up to 20Mbps. The best speeds come from premium locations, such as Telstra Stores, where you may get download speeds as fast as 100Mbps.

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