How do I connect my Samsung Galaxy watch to LTE?

On your phone, navigate to and open the Galaxy Wearable app. Tap Mobile networks; the app will begin scanning for an eligible LTE network. Next, follow the prompts to complete the activation. Your phone needs to have a SIM card inserted.

How do I connect my Samsung to LTE?

In order to activate LTE 4G on a Samsung phone, first go to the Settings menu, then tap on the Connections selection. Scroll down to Mobile Networks, tap on it and then tap on the Network Mode. You should see LTE network selections and just pick the one that is best suited for your wireless network.

How do I connect my Samsung watch to mobile network?

How to connect Samsung Galaxy Watch to Mobile Device or Bluetooth Headset?

  1. 1 Turn on the Galaxy Watch. …
  2. 2 Tap the Globe icon and select a language to use.
  3. 1 Launch Galaxy Wearable App. …
  5. 3 Select your device on the screen. …
  6. 4 Tap TURN ON when the Bluetooth activation request window appears.
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Why won’t my Galaxy watch connect to mobile network?

In some cases, restarting your phone should fix the problem. However, you may need to power off the phone off, and then remove and reinsert the SIM card. If the mobile network for the watch is not detected during the setup, you may need to replace the SIM card for your phone or contact your carrier.

Do you have to pay for LTE on Samsung watch?

You’ll pay an extra $10 per month just to get LTE service on your watch, and you’ll have to add it to an existing T-Mobile plan. So if you have another carrier, you’ll have to wait for it to support the watch before you can even consider buying one.

Is LTE on a smartwatch worth it?

The main benefit of the more expensive LTE variant is portability. If you plan to be in places or situations where you need to be connected for messaging or music but can’t keep your smartphone handy–for example, while hiking or jogging–an LTE-enabled smartwatch makes sense.

Can I leave my phone at home and use my Samsung watch?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G allows users to use a 4G connection without needing a smartphone nearby. Users can leave their phone at home and still stream music, take calls or messages, or get notifications while out and about.

What is the difference between Galaxy Watch LTE and Bluetooth?

Features and Specs that differs:

The Galaxy Watch LTE comes in 46mm size, has 1.5 GB RAM, and is distinguished by its eSIM technology. In comparison, the Bluetooth-only model is cheaper and offers better battery performance. Apart from these differences, both models are ditto copies of each other.

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Do LTE Smartwatches need data plans?

Most smartwatches available right now don’t need data plans unless they’re standalone smartwatches with cellular connectivity capabilities and 4G LTE support.

Does Galaxy Watch have its own phone number?

As a standalone device with its own mobile number on a standard plan (not available for prepaid). You can send and receive calls and text messages from your Samsung Galaxy Watch without pairing it to a smartphone. … Number Share is a service that lets you use your mobile number on up to 5 connected devices.

How do I reset the network on my Samsung Galaxy watch?

Reset Network Settings from the Galaxy Watch

  1. From the watch screen, press the Home button to open the apps screen.
  2. Navigate: Settings. > Connections > Mobile networks.
  3. Tap Mobile plans.
  4. Tap Reset all mobile plans.
  5. To continue, review the info then tap the Radio button to agree. …
  6. To confirm, tap Reset.

How do I change the network on my Samsung Galaxy watch?

Manage your cellular network settings directly from your watch. Press the Home key, and then navigate to Settings. Swipe to and tap Connections, and then tap Mobile networks. From here, you can manage Mobile networks, Mobile data, Data roaming, Network operators, and Access Point Name.

How do I get the activation code for my Galaxy watch?

To obtain a QR code to activate your watch, you must contact AT&T or Verizon. Be sure to check for software updates to your watch and the Galaxy Wearable app before contacting your carrier.

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