Frequent question: What does FM mean in serum?

Frequency modulation synthesis. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. FM synthesis using 2 operators.

What are FM synths good for?

FM synthesis is a method of generating complex timbres by modulating the frequency of one sound with another. FM synthesis works great for these types of sounds: Instruments with complex attack like electric pianos, bells and mallets. Aggressive bass that punches through the mix.

Is Serum hard to use?

Conclusion On Serum VST

The Serum synth: wavetable synthesizer is amazing! It’s super handy with super clean sounds. It’s easy to use and access with an easy learning cave. It gives you the chance to confidently make the sounds you hear in your head.

What does FM sound do?

Simply put, FM synthesis uses one signal called, the “modulator” to modulate the pitch of another signal, the “carrier”, that’s in the same or a similar audio range. This creates brand new frequency information in the resulting sound, changing the timbre without the use of filters.

What is filter FM?

Filter FM. Even more unusual than Oscillator FM is what could be termed Filter FM. Rather than apply an audio‑rate ‘wobble’ to the pitch of the oscillator, this is all about applying it to the filter frequency (cutoff) parameter.

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