Does OnStar give you WiFi?

GM offers OnStar subscribers mobile WiFi access for $5 a month.

Does OnStar come with WiFi?

Members who purchase an eligible Wi-Fi® equipped Chevrolet,® Buick® or GMC® vehicle can receive one month or 3 GB of 4G LTE data*33 (whichever comes first). Members who purchase an eligible Wi-Fi® equipped Cadillac® vehicle can receive three months or 3 GB of 4G LTE data*33 (whichever comes first).

How do I get OnStar WiFi?

OnStar Wi-Fi on the fly

  1. Press the OnStar Voice command button on your vehicle’s mirror or overhead console.
  2. Wait for the prompt then press or say “Wi-Fi settings”
  3. The screen will display the Wi-Fi hotspot name and password.
  4. Connect your smartphone, tablet or device to the Wi-Fi network.

Is OnStar WiFi free?

GM Offers No-Cost OnStar Emergency Services

In addition to the WiFi, General Motors is also enabling the OnStar button to help you at no added cost to you.

How much is OnStar per month?

OnStar Guidance Plan Info & Price

Plan Basic Guidance
Price (per month) Free for 5 years2 $34.99
Price (per year) Free for 5 years2 $349.90
Remote door lock/unlock 1
Remote horn & lights 1
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Is OnStar ending in 2020?

According to GM Authority sources, General Motors plans to sunset the OnStar Hands-Free Calling service in 2022. At that point, all vehicles on the road still equipped with the feature will no longer have the ability to make calls using the OnStar Hands-Free Calling system.

How can I get free WiFi in my car?

But even if your car doesn’t have Wi-Fi built-in, it’s easy to bring connectivity to your car.

  1. Use your phone’s mobile hotspot. One obvious solution is to fire up the Wi-Fi hotspot on your smartphone. …
  2. Use a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. …
  3. Use a vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot.

Do I need WiFi in my car?

Yes, for many people it is absolutely worth it. Not only does an in-car WiFi subscription allow device connectivity for either work or leisure purposes, but there is also a variety of other reasons it’s nice to have one too. Having WiFi in your car provides a connection for emergency services and navigation as well.

How fast is OnStar WiFi?

Just out of curiosity what is everyone getting on their data speed for the “4G” Wi-Fi Onstar boasts about. After 3 consecutive tests back to back I got 2.45 mbps download speed (highest). That explains why I’ve always had slow wifi speed.

Can you use OnStar without a subscription?

Well, if you don’t have Onstar they will not unlock the car nor let you start a subscription. … Using the service, customers can lock or unlock doors, activate the vehicle’s horn and lights and remotely start their cars via a smart phone or tablet.

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What is replacing OnStar?

OnStar Guardian reimagines what it means to have OnStar protection – it’s no longer a technology that is solely tied to the vehicle. This app helps OnStar members and their loved ones be safe out there using the power of OnStar, no matter what vehicle they are in.”

Is there an alternative to OnStar?

Splitsecnd, an all-car alternative to OnStar, launches its $199 plug-in crash detection device.

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