Best answer: What is SPS in LTE?

In LTE SPS feature is designed to reduce the control channel overhead for VoIP based services. Since VoLTE require persistent radio resource allocation at regular interval (one packet in 20ms from AMR speech codec). … SPS allocates radio resources for a long period of time.

What is semi persistent scheduling SPS?

The semi-persistent scheduling (SPS)–based resource allocation refers to a transmission mode in which the serving base station allocates at least a part of resources and transport formats to the UE semi-statically over a certain time interval consisting of a number of TTIs.

What is dynamic scheduling LTE?

Dynamic scheduling gives the network full flexibility to assign the resources to the UE as compared to persistent scheduling where it gives resource allocation is every subframe. Based on the channel conditions dynamic scheduling varies the resource allocation to the UEs. Persistent scheduling is rarely used in LTE.

How does LTE stuff work?

The LTE network is based on Internet Protocol (IP) standards, the kind that delivers Web pages to your computer, and adds voice data to the transmission streams [source: 4G Americas]. It uses a schematic called OFDMA, or Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access, which is similar to the OFDM approach in WiMAX.

What is LTE Phich?

PHICH stands for Physical HARQ Indicator Channel and it goes on Downlink. … PHICH is a control channel on LTE downlink, that is used to indicate the reception of PUSCH transmission from a mobile/UE. The PHICH indicates either a ACK or a NACK, which the UE will decode to find out if it has to do a retransmission or not.

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What is 5G scheduler?

Packet scheduling in 5G networks can significantly affect the performance of beam forming techniques since the allocation of multiple users to the same time-frequency block causes interference between users. A combination of beam forming and scheduling can thus improve the performance of multi-user MIMO systems.

What is C Rnti in LTE?

Cell Radio Network Temporary Identifier, The C-RNTI is a UE identifier allocated by a controlling RNC and it is unique within one cell controlled by the allocating CRNC. C-RNTI can be reallocated when a UE accesses a new cell with the cell update procedure.

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