Best answer: What is a Scosche Bluetooth transmitter?

The Scosche BTFreq™ Bluetooth FM transmitter kit allows you to play music through your car stereo from your iPod or iPhone. The innovative design of the BTFreq lets you charge your Smartphone while you play music or take calls. • Wirelessly Transmit Through the FM Radio. • Included Remote for Easy Control.

How do I use my Scosche Bluetooth FM transmitter?

To pair, simply plug the Bluetooth FM transmitter into your vehicle’s 12V power port or car cigarette lighter, tune the radio in your car to the same frequency as the FM transmitter, then enable your mobile device to pair via Bluetooth.

How does Scosche Bluetooth work?

How does a scosche work? The Scosche BTFreq Bluetooth FM Transmitter is just the thing. Plug it into your car’s 12-volt power source, pair the unit with your phone, tune the transmitter to the clearest FM frequency, and you’ll enjoy hands-free calls and music streaming over your car’s sound system.

What is a scosche device?

Scosche FM transmitters for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android devices, MP3 players and more. Play your music from your iPhone or other device right through your car stereo with a Bluetooth FM audio transmitter. Some of our Scosche Bluetooth FM transmitters for cars charge your device at the same time.

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Why is my Scosche Bluetooth not working?

Reset Bluetooth: Try going to your Settings->Bluetooth, turn Bluetooth OFF, wait for about 30 seconds, and turn it back on. Manually Close Your App: Exit the app and then double tap the iPhone home button. … Relaunch the app and try pairing again.

Why is FM transmitter not working?

POWER: If the FM Transmitter does not turn on, then test it in another vehicle, if possible. If it works as expected in the other vehicle, then the issue is most likely with your vehicle’s power port. If it fails to work as expected in the other vehicle, then check to see if the fuse in the FM Transmitter has blown.

Why is my Bluetooth not as loud?

The main reason your radio might be louder than your Bluetooth is that Android devices restrict the volume of sound sent to Bluetooth audio devices in a bid to protect your ears. … As the wireless technology compresses the file, the quality of the file distorts a little, and you may hear the audio as low in volume.

Why isn’t my phone playing music through Bluetooth?

Android lets users select which audio output the Bluetooth device will be used for. By default, it’s set to both Phone and Media. … If you’re getting no sound out of your Bluetooth headphones, make sure that the Media Audio setting is turned on. With your Bluetooth headphones connected, go to Settings —-> Bluetooth.

How do you get scosche to work?


  1. Plug the BTFREQ into your car’s 12V power socket.
  2. Enter the Bluetooth settings in your mobile device and enable the Bluetooth function. From the list of available accessories, find and select the “Scosche BTFM4”.
  3. Your phone will confirm once it is connected.
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How do I make my Scosche louder?

To change the volume on the transmitter, hold down the skip button. On my FM transmitter, the maximum volume is eight. You should pre-set the volume on your device before it connects to the transmitter to have the maximum control from the device.

How do I use scosche Btfreq?

Plug the BTFREQ into your cars 12V power socket. Wait for the Bluetooth indicator to flash. Access the Bluetooth menu on your mobile device, and enable the Bluetooth function. From the list of available accessories find and select “Scosche BTFMA”.

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