What was Kiss FM secret sound?

What was the secret noise?

The Secret Noise is a fantastical project exploring music and secrecy. Created by composer Damien Ricketson, the dreamlike work has been inspired by cultural practices that deliberately shield music from public life including forbidden ceremonies, legally extinguished music, covert music-making and private love songs.

What was the 100k secret sound?

When played the secret sound, she correctly guessed it was a champagne bottle being popped open and poured, to her shock. “I’ve never won anything …

Who won KISS 108 secret sound?

Congrats to Brittany from Gloucester She just guessed the third #Kiss108SecretSound and scored $17,140! Here’s Romeo from Kiss 108 with the reveal! We’ve got a BRAND-NEW sound worth over $3,000 coming up Friday at 8:10AM with Matty In The Morning!

What radio station is the secret sound on?

Secret Sound | WALK 97.5.

Is Bex leaving Kiss 108?

Co-host/executive producer Rebekah “Bex” Maroun announced on Wednesday that she would be leaving Kiss 108 to move home to her native Philadelphia. “When I moved to Boston, I wanted to make it home, and I wanted to be here, and spend the rest of my life here,” Maroun said.

Where is Bex on Kiss 108?

Rebekah ‘Bex” Maroun has announced her departure from “Kiss 108” WXKS-FM Medford/Boston’s “Matty In The Morning” and will relocate back to Philadelphia. Maroun joined Kiss 108 in September 2018 from Audacy’s 96.5 WTDY-FM Philadelphia where she was hosting afternoons.

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Did Matty in the morning just quit?

BOSTON (AP) — A popular Boston radio host who’s been on the air for four decades abruptly quit Wednesday morning after management told him to stop making jokes about singer Demi Lovato’s announcement that they identify as non-binary. “I am the biggest of all time.

How do you spell a fart sound?


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