What is the limit of railway WiFi?

But there is a limitation. RailWire WiFi Limit. After you connect with OTP sent to your mobile number, for the first 30 minutes you will get High-Speed Data at a speed of 32 Mbps.

Is there any limit for RailWire Wi-Fi?

Google RailWire Wi-Fi gives a data limit of 350MB per person to the users, which includes both browsing and downloading.

What is the speed of Railway WiFi?

Going forward, a passenger can use 30 minutes free wi-fi per day at 1 mbps speed at these 4000 plus railway stations. For using the Wi-Fi facility at a higher speed of upto 34 mbps, the user needs to choose a plan with a higher speed by paying a nominal fee,” Indian Railways said in a press statement.

Is RailWire Wi-Fi free?

Once you are in any leading railway stations where Google free WiFi is available you can connect it easily by following simple steps. Step 2: select RailWire network and tap on it.

Step by Step to activate free google RailWire wifi in Railway stations?

Steps Things to do
Step-8 Connected

Is it safe to use Railway WiFi?

If you’re at the rail station using RailWire and you’re browsing unencrypted sites, anyone on the network can inject a dialogue that could attempt to phish your RailWire credentials or credentials to many of your other accounts. … This is true for WiFi networks on trains or subways.

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Is Railwire WiFi good?

The quality of bandwidth as we observed so far , provided by RailTel has been very good. We are running 140 channels across kerala on RailTel network and we are very much satisfied with their service. RailTel has provided Fiber connectivity to IIM Ahemdabad and is very good connectivity.

Which plan is best for Railwire?

The broadband plans from Railwire in Punjab with unlimited data start at just Rs 499.

Railwire Broadband Unlimited Data Plans Detailed.

Unlimited Data Plans
Port Speed Plan Rental (per Month)
50 Mbps Rs 799/-
100 Mbps Rs 999/-
150 Mbps Rs 1,499/-

Is Railway WiFi unlimited?

WiFi is maintained by RailWire & Google. … All you need a smartphone or a laptop to access free Unlimited WiFi.

How do I connect to RailWire free Wi-Fi?

You can connect to Free Wifi on google via following simple steps.

  1. Search for Wifi networks from Mobile or Laptop etc.
  2. Go to wi-fi setting and select the railwire network.
  3. Open an Internet Browser, then go to railwire.co.in website.
  4. Enter your Phone Number in Wi-Fi Login Screen.

How can I connect to free railway Wi-Fi?

To connect to the network at Indian Railways stations, turn on phone’s WiFi, search for Availabe Networks, and select Railwire Network. Next, Railwire website’s homepage will appear on your phone’s screen: Next, enter your Mobile Number and click Receive SMS to receive your one-time password (OTP) by text message.

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