What is PDU session in 5G?

What is the meaning of PDU Session in 5G? In 5G, we use a “PDU Session” to provide end-to-end user plane connectivity between the UE and a specific Data Network (DN) through the User Plane Function (UPF). A PDU Session supports one or more QoS Flows.

What is a PDU session anchor?

PSA is the term given to the UPF (User Plane Function) which terminates the N6 interface of a PDU session within a 5G core network.

What is PDU session establishment?

PDU Session Establishement is equivalent to PDN Establishment in LTE. Main purpose of this process is to assign UE IP and inform the UE of various the IP address of various corenetwork components (application layer component) Signaling Sequence.

What is SSC in 5G?

The Session and Service Continuity (SSC) support in 5G system architecture enables to address the various continuity requirements of different applications and services for the User Equipment (UE). … The SSC mode associated with a PDU session does not change during the lifespan of a PDU session.

What is Nssai in 5G?

Network Slice Selection Assistance Information (NSSAI) – The NSSAI is a collection of up to 8 S-NSSAIs. Single Network Slice Selection Assistance information (S-NSSAI) – It identifies a Network Slice. S-NSSAI = Slice/Service type (SST) + Slice Differentiator (SD).

What is gNB in 5G?

The gNB is a 3GPP 5G Next Generation base station which supports the 5G New Radio.

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How does AMF select SMF?

When a UE initiates a PDU session request, the serving AMF selects an SMF that will establish and manage that session. … An SMF interacts with UPFs over the N4 interface to direct a UPF to establish or release a PDU session and to push the policies applicable to specific PDU sessions to the UPF when indicated.

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