What does play as Bluetooth phone call mean on Google Maps?

Play as Bluetooth phone call – this option will play the Sygic voice instructions and sounds through Bluetooth using an HFP profile, simulating a phone call being made.

Should Bluetooth be on when using Google Maps?

Bluetooth devices don’t always connect easily. If you’re having trouble hearing Maps instructions through your Bluetooth speakers, play Maps audio through your phone’s speakers instead. You can choose which speakers to use in Google Maps settings. On your iPhone or iPad, turn off Bluetooth.

Why does Google Maps not work through Bluetooth?

Step 1: Launch Google Maps and tap the hamburger menu icon. Step 2: Select Settings. Step 3: Select Navigation settings. Step 4: If disabled, toggle on the ‘Play voice over Bluetooth’ option.

Can Google Maps play through Bluetooth?

Google Maps is bluetooth compatible. All devices have to be Bluetooth enabled.

Can I display Google Maps on my car screen?

You can use Android Auto to get voice-guided navigation, estimated arrival times, live traffic information, lane guidance, and more with Google Maps. Tell Android Auto where you’d like to go. … “Navigate to work.” “Drive to 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View.”

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Why won’t my Google Maps talk through my car?

Make sure you are using both of the wireless connections needed for you to hear Google Maps directions through your car’s speakers. … If that doesn’t help, try deleting your car from your phone’s Bluetooth settings, then starting the phone-to-car connection again.

Why does Google Maps not talk to me on iPhone?

On iPhone go to Settings. Scroll down to Maps and touch. Scroll down to Driving and Navigation and touch. Scroll down to Navigation and Voice Volume and ensure that Loud Volume is checked.

Why does Apple Maps ding instead of talk?

From what you’ve described, it sounds like the audio settings for Maps has the Guidance Voice volume set to “No Voice”, which silences the verbal navigation cues when media is playing on the iPhone.

Why isn’t my Google Maps speaking to me?

How to resolve the “Google Maps not talking” issue in Android. Check your device’s volume. Make sure voice is turned on in the Maps app. … Reinstall Google Maps.

How do I get Google Maps to play in my car?

Add your car

  1. Go to google.com/maps/sendtocar.
  2. In the top right, click Sign in and enter your account information.
  3. Click Add car or GPS device.
  4. Choose your car manufacturer and type in your account ID. …
  5. Optional: To find your car easily in the future, add a name for your car.
  6. Click OK.

Why is Siri not giving me voice directions?

Troubleshooting Voice Navigation

Be sure Siri understood your request, speak clearly and concisely. Check that iPhone (or iPad) has an active data connection on a 3G / 4G /LTE network. Device should have iOS 7.0 or newer. Device must have Siri support.

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