How much does it cost to replace a SIM card reader iPhone?

Call Apple Care, they will send you a new one to your address. They will tell you the cost, but it seems it was something around $6-7. The SIM Card reader is not a separate part that can be replaced.

Can you replace a SIM card reader in an iPhone?

When the iPhone’s SIM junctor reader is damaged, your iPhone can no longer read the SIM card, and you need to replace the junctor reader. To do this, you will need to open up the iPhone, remove its motherboard, desolder the old SIM junctor reader and solder the replacement part in its place.

What is the price of SIM card reader?

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Can SIM card slot be repaired?

Use the 60/40 lead solder to repair the damaged spot on the sim slot. Do NOT allow the solder to touch any other connections as it could cause the device to short out or no function properly.

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Can SIM cards go bad iPhone?

Of course, like any electronic device from a hard drive to an SSD device to a cpu to anything else, any SIM can go bad for a whole host of reasons, and it could do so at any time. A virus seems highly unlikely since an iPhone or iPad write no data at all to the SIM card.

How do I know if my SIM card is damaged iPhone?

If you encounter any of the issues listed below then you might have a SIM card that is not working properly anymore.

  1. Calls being interrupted, or messages delayed.
  2. Pin code requested without rebooting the phone.
  3. Sound quality decreasing.
  4. Battery life reduced.
  5. Phone getting warm.

What is the use of SIM card reader?

SIM card readers are small devices that allow you to read the content on your mobile phone’s SIM card. This means that you can recover and retrieve deleted text messages and call logs. SIM card readers combine hardware and software to allow access to the SIM card via your computer.

Will SIM card reader recover deleted text messages?

The Sim Card Seizure is an easy to use SIM reader that is designed to recover deleted text messages (SMS) from SIM cards. The device will also show the last numbers dialed as long as they are stored on the SIM card. Just place the SIM card inside the reader and run the software to begin recovering deleted information.

Can a SD card reader read a SIM card?

In addition to storing data, memory cards can save external media files, whereas SIM cards cannot. While you cannot use your SD card as a means to activate your phone like a SIM card, you can use your SD card as a backup storage disk like a SIM card.

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What if SIM card slot is not working?

SIM slot and connector sometimes accumulate dust over them, causing the device not to read the card properly. So you should look into this as well. Wipe the connector gently to remove the dirt. … A broken pin may also cause a problem of no sim card detected on an android phone.

How do I fix a dead SIM card?

If your SIM card isn’t physically damaged but not working properly, you can use a SIM card reader to repair it yourself.

  1. Buy a SIM card reader that will suit your needs. …
  2. Connect your SIM card reader to your computer and follow any installation instructions. …
  3. Insert your SIM card into your SIM card reader.

What if my SIM card slot is broken?

What to Do? Never place a partially or fully broken SIM tray into your phone. … If the tray breaks off inside the phone it can damage the internals sometimes. Worst part the only way to remove the partial SIM is to pull the phone apart just to get it out.

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