How do I change my 4G LTE wifi password?

How do I change my LTE WiFi password?

Change the Router Configuration Admin Password – LTE Internet (Installed)

  1. Access the LTE Internet (Installed) router configuration main menu. …
  2. From the My Router menu, click Change Login User Name / Password under Quick Links (left side of the page).
  3. Click admin (under Users).
  4. Enter the appropriate info then click Apply.

To change the SSID and wireless password:

Enter a new SSID and wireless password in the Wireless Network Name and Wireless Password fields respectively. 2. Tap Done.

How do I change my Telkom LTE WiFi password?

Note: You can click I have inserted an Ethernet cable if you are using one, then follow the on screen prompt. Enter the preferred Wi-Fi name (SSID) and the Wi-Fi password, then click Next. Click the Same as Wi-Fi password switch. Note: If you want to create a new password, click New password then click Next.

How do I reset my 4G LTE WiFi?

To reset your 4G LTE Modem to factory default settings using the Reset button:

  1. Locate the recessed Reset button on the back of your modem.
  2. Insert a straightened paper clip into the hole and press for at least five seconds.
  3. Release the button. The modem resets and reboots. This process takes up to one minute.
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How do I change my 192.168 100.1 password?

How to change the SSID and Password from

  1. Login to management page of your router. …
  2. Go to Basic > Wireless.
  3. Under Wireless Settings enter your new WiFi-name and password. …
  4. Save the settings and your router will reboot to apply the changes.

How do I change my router password on my phone?

Enter 192.168. 8.1 in your browser address bar and log in to your router’s web-based management page. Choose Wi-Fi Settings > Wi-Fi Basic Settings to check the current SSID and password. To modify the SSID and password, enter the new SSID and password and then click Save.

What is Telkom username and password?

The default username for your Telkom router is admin and the default password is admin.

How do I change the SSID on my router?

To change the name of your WiFi network (also known as SSID, or Service Set Identifier), you need to enter your router’s admin page.

  1. Enter your router’s IP address into your favorite web browser.
  2. Log in as the administrator.
  3. Go to settings and look for an option titled “WiFi name” or “SSID”.
  4. Enter your new WiFi name.

How do you reset LTE on iPhone?

Reset Network Settings

  1. Launch Settings → Tap General → Scroll down and tap Reset.
  2. Tap Reset Network Settings → Enter your iPhone Passcode and Confirm.

How do I reset my WiFi modem?

Steps to Reboot a Router and Modem

  1. Unplug the router and the modem. …
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds. …
  3. Plug in the modem. …
  4. Wait at least 60 seconds. …
  5. Plug in the router. …
  6. Wait at least 2 minutes. …
  7. When the router and modem restart, test to see if the problem went away.
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How do I reset my WiFi card?

How do I restore the Mobile WiFi to its factory settings?

  1. Turn on your Mobile WiFi.
  2. Use a pin to press and hold the Reset button for about 2 seconds. Your Mobile WiFi will now restart and be restored to its factory settings.
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