How can I use WhatsApp without SIM card?

How can I use WhatsApp without SIM in India?

Landline Method

First, install WhatsApp on your phone. When the app asks for a number, enter your landline number. After the OTP verification fails, click on call me and just like earlier, you will get a call which will give you the OTP. Enter the OTP in the app and you can use WhatsApp with your landline number.

Will WhatsApp work if SIM is deactivated?

If you deactivate your sim card which is registered for whatsapp you will be able to use WHATSAPP. But if you uninstall and reinstall Whatsapp you will have to register with a new number as the OTP or the registration code which the Whatsapp server sends is received to the number which has a cellular data activated.

Can you log into WhatsApp without your phone?

WhatsApp is not just for phones. With WhatsApp Web, you can access the popular chat messenger on Mac, Windows, iPad or Android tablets. WhatsApp Web is very easy to set up on any of these devices and the good thing is that you can use WhatsApp Web without phone.

How do I get my old WhatsApp account back?

To get your old account back, follow these steps:

  1. On your phone, go to the settings application and proceed to installed apps.
  2. On the list of installed apps, search for WhatsApp.
  3. When you find WhatsApp, tap it and then choose Clear data.
  4. You will be asked yes or no. …
  5. Open your WhatsApp again.
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How can I activate WhatsApp with old number without SIM?

Just follow the steps below to use WhatsApp without a mobile phone number or SIM card.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone, tablet or PC. Open up the WhatsApp application on your phone, tablet or PC.
  2. Enter Your Home Phone/Landline number. …
  3. Wait for Verification by SMS to Fail. …
  4. Enter the Verification Code. …
  5. Complete the Setup Process.

How can I get WhatsApp verification code without SIM?

Method 1: Use WhatsApp Without Number With Textnow App

#1: Download Textnow App on you Android, iPhone or Windows phone after which you will get a Textnow number. This number can be used to install WhatsApp without SIM verification. #2: While setting up the WhatsApp account, enter the Textnow number for verification.

Can I have 2 WhatsApp accounts on one phone?

Officially, you aren’t allowed to have two WhatsApp accounts on one phone. But, since most phones now come with dual-SIM technology its not uncommon for users to want to set up both numbers with WhatsApp even though they only have one device.

Can I login to WhatsApp online?

Open your PC, laptop or tablet browser and head to On an Android phone open WhatsApp, tap the three dots at the top right and choose WhatsApp web. … Whatsapp web will automatically launch in the browser and will remain active until you log out either from your computer or your phone.

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