Frequent question: Where is the fastest public WiFi?

Where is WiFi the fastest?

Fastest Internet In The World – Median Download Speeds 2020

Rank Country # Upload Tests
1 Liechtenstein 98
2 Hong Kong 5589
3 Denmark 22217
4 Switzerland 74350

What restaurant has the fastest WiFi?

The fastest wifi from a fast food chain was actually at McDonald’s. It clocked speeds of 24.2Mbps down and 6.1Mbps up. Coming in second was Panera Bread, one of my fave on-the-road wifi spots.

What public places have the best free WiFi?

The 16 chains with the best free Wi-Fi, ranked

  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: 2.31Mbps. …
  • Burger King: 3.58Mbps. …
  • Best Buy: 3.8Mbps. …
  • McDonald’s: 4.19Mbps. …
  • Subway: 4.78Mbps. …
  • Arby’s: 12.24Mbps. …
  • Taco Bell: 14.29Mbps. …
  • Starbucks: 51.16Mbps.

Which country has no Internet?

Countries Without Internet Access

  • Belarus.
  • Burma.
  • China.
  • Cuba.
  • Egypt.
  • Iran.
  • North Korea.
  • Saudi Arabia.

In which country WiFi is free?

This new free wireless service which can be accessed by all Niue residents, tourists, government offices and business travelers, is being provided at no cost to the public or local government.

Why is country WiFi so bad?

Available rural internet options are riddled with problems of reliability, price, and throttling. DSL, Satellite, dial-up, and hotspots are the main alternatives for rural internet users. However, those services usually frustrate customers and are barely serviceable since they are slow, expensive, and spotty.

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Who has better Wi-Fi Mcdonalds or Starbucks?

According to a report by OpenSignal, Starbucks’ Wi-Fi is the fastest by any major chain. Starbucks clocked in an average of 9.1 megabits per second, while McDonald’s clocked in at a little over 4 Mbps. Both blow away Panera Bread’s Wi-Fi, which averaged around 1 Mbps.

Is Starbucks Wi-Fi on all night?

So, does Starbucks Wifi work when closed? Starbucks Wi-Fi still functions regardless of whether they’re closed, and it’s even free albeit not boundlessly. … per day and simply accessible to memberships from My Starbucks Rewards program.

What restaurant has the worst Wi-Fi?

These are the fastest-growing restaurant chains in America. On the slow side, the worst place for Wi-Fi is KFC with an average 1.4Mbps. Shake Shack and Potbelly Sandwich Shop are only slightly higher at 1.5 and 1.8 Mbps, respectively. That said, slow, free Internet might be better than no Internet at all.

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