Does Surface Pro 6 have SIM card slot?

current model with this feature. I have a Surface Pro 6 and the Micro SIM slot is located pretty much where the SP5 slot is located. Lift the flap on the back, and you will see the slot. I just installed a Samsung 512 GB micro SIM card, and it fit into the slot, and worked perfectly.

Does Surface Pro 6 have cellular?

Best answer: No. At present, there is no configuration of the Pro 6 with LTE. If you need an LTE Surface Pro, the excellent Surface Pro X is now available.

Does Microsoft Surface go have SIM card slot?

On the side of the device there’s now a nano-SIM slot for obvious reasons, and popping a data-enabled SIM into the device instantly throws it online all the time. … Here’s how it works: with a SIM card in the Surface Go, a new option appears at the top of the connectivity pop-up where Wi-Fi lives.

Can Microsoft Surface make phone calls?

You can use Surface Duo for a lot of things—including phone calls. The Phone app is already installed, so you’re ready to start calling.

How do you put a SIM card in a Surface Pro 6?

Insert the included SIM ejector tool into the small hole on the SIM door to detach it. Push your SIM card into the SIM card slot until it clicks. Slide the SIM door into place, then press down until it clicks.

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Can a Surface Pro use cellular data?

To use cellular data on Surface Pro models with LTE Advanced, you can do one or both of the following: Use a nano SIM card and data plan from your mobile operator. Use the embedded SIM (eSIM) that comes built into Surface Pro models with LTE Advanced and the Mobile Plans app in Windows 10.

Does Microsoft Surface Pro 7 have LTE?

The Surface Pro 7 is getting a few key updates, including removable SSD storage, a bigger battery and LTE connectivity.

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