Can I buy a SIM card at Hong Kong airport?

Visit the shops and counters at Hong Kong International Airport to purchase local SIM cards, or rent a pocket Wi-Fi. …

Can I buy a SIM card at CDG airport?

The best prepaid sim card at Paris Airport can be bought at the Tourism Information in Terminal 1. For $49 you get 50 GB data valid all over Europe plus unlimited calling and texting in France.

How do I get a SIM card in Hong Kong?

You can get the Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card at any 1O1O Center in town, more than 1,000 7-Eleven, Circle K or VanGO convenience stores, csl or HKT shops, and the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Kowloon Visitor Centre at the Star Ferry Concourse in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Can you buy SIM cards at airport?

In case you don’t want to order your Canada sim card online, you can also buy a local sim card on arrival.

Can I buy a SIM card at Manila airport?

You can pre-order via Globe Website and there are no conditions attached. You can then collect the sim at the Terminal you arrive at. From what I’ve seen at the airport, people just present their ID/passport, sign something and then gets the SIM free.

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How much do SIM cards cost in Europe?

SIM cards are sold in Europe at mobile-phone shops, department-store electronics counters, some newsstands, and even at vending machines. Costing about $5–10, they usually include about that much prepaid calling credit, with no contract and no commitment.

What is the best SIM card to buy in France?

The best SIM Cards for your trip to France

  1. Orange Prepaid Holiday SIM Card. Cost: €40 (or $49 when bought in the U.S. before your trip) Pros: Good deal. …
  2. SFR Prepaid SIM Card. Cost: €20-€30. …
  3. LeFrenchMobile Prepaid SIM Card. Cost: €17-€20. …
  4. Free Mobile SIM Card. Cost: €25 for unlimited calls, texts and Internet.

How much does a SIM card cost in Hong Kong?

csl. Local Prepaid SIM card and csl. All-in-one Prepaid SIM card

Volume Validity Price
1.2 GB 1 day HK$ 18
2 GB 3 days HK$ 38
3 GB 7 days HK$ 68
300 MB 30 days HK$ 38

What is the best SIM card in Hong Kong?

Best Hong Kong Prepaid SIM card Recommendations

  • HK and Macau: 5 Days or Less – Discover HK Tourist SIM 5 Day by csl.
  • HK and Macau: 8 Days or Less (most popular) – Discover HK Tourist SIM 8 Day by csl.
  • HK only: longer than 8 days – 4G/3G Data & Voice Prepaid by China Mobile.

Which mobile network is the best in Hong Kong?

With a score of 74.8 on our 100 point scale, SmarTone retains the award, ahead of CMHK’s score of 72.3 in second place. Notably, where last time CMHK, 3 and csl were tied, CMHK has pulled ahead of two of its rivals.

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How much do international SIM cards cost?

The International SIM Card costs $29.95 and includes two phone numbers from Europe and the US. Incoming calls to the European number are free, as are incoming text messages to either number. This is a great option if you belong to a travel rewards program.

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