Your question: What kind of area network is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a personal area network (PAN) standard that is lower power than 802.11. It was originally specified to serve applications such as data transfer from personal computers to peripheral devices such as cell phones or personal digital assistants.

Is Bluetooth a wide area network?

It differs from other radio technologies (mobile phones, radio, and television), in that Bluetooth uses radio waves to transmit over a much shorter distance (164 feet and less, rather than many miles) in what is called a LAN (Local Area Network) or PAN (Personal Area Network), Figure 1.

Is Bluetooth an example of personal area network?

A personal area network, or PAN, is a computer network that enables communication between computer devices near a person. PANs can be wired, such as USB or FireWire, or they can be wireless, such as infrared, ZigBee, Bluetooth and ultrawideband, or UWB. The range of a PAN typically is a few meters.

Is Bluetooth WLAN or WPAN?

IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth are proposed for wireless local area net-work(WLAN) and wireless personal area network(WPAN), respectively. Both comply with the seven-layer model of open systems interconnection(OSI).

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What is Bluetooth network connection?

Bluetooth is a radio communication technology that enables low-power, short distance wireless networking between phones, computers, and other network devices. … The Bluetooth logo is a combination of the two Scandinavian runes for the King’s initials.

How do I connect to a personal area network through Bluetooth?

Go to the home computer and click the Bluetooth Devices icon in your notification area. Select “Join a Personal Area Network” from the menu to bring up the Personal Area Network Devices dialog box. Select your target computer from the Devices list box and click the Connect button.

What is difference between WLAN and WWAN?

WLAN and WWAN both connect you to the Internet wirelessly, but they use different technology to do it. WLAN is intended for “local” use (the “L” in WLAN). … WWAN is a mobile broadband3 option that covers a “wide” area (the “W” in WWAN). You may have heard it called a “3G” or in some areas a “4G” network.

What is the example of personal area network?

One of the most common real-world examples of a PAN is the connection between a Bluetooth earpiece and a smartphone. PANs can also connect laptops, tablets, printers, keyboards, and other computerized devices. PAN network connections can either be wired or wireless.

What is an example of Bluetooth?

An example of a Bluetooth device is a cell phone headset. An example of a Bluetooth device is a wireless mouse. The standard wireless network for short-range transmission of digital audio and data. … Bluetooth is also an IEEE personal area network (PAN) standard (see 802.15).

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Why Bluetooth is called WPAN instead of WLAN?

What is the reason that Bluetooth is normally called a wireless personal area network (WPAN) instead of a wireless local area network (WLAN)? A wireless LAN is usually used for devices belonging to large geographical areas. Wireless LAN is more suitable for devices belonging to same building or same project or floor.

What is difference between WLAN and WPAN?

WPANs such as Bluetooth provide enough bandwidth and convenience to make data exchange practical for certain mobile devices requiring data exchangesat rates up to 1 Mbps.

Example technologies for WPAN :

Frequency Band 2.4 GHz ISM (802.11b/g/n) 5 GHz (802.11a/n/ac) 2.4 GHz ISM (also 868/900 MHz)

What is WLAN used for?

A wireless local area network (WLAN) is a wireless distribution method for two or more devices. WLANs use high-frequency radio waves and often include an access point to the Internet. A WLAN allows users to move around the coverage area, often a home or small office, while maintaining a network connection.

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