Your question: Is 95 CDMA forward channel?

How many forward channels are there in IS-95 CDMA?

Structure of IS-95 channels in the forward link

This is a total of 64 IS-95 code channels that can be accommodated on each RF channel. The IS-95 channels in the forward link are arranged in the following fashion: Pilot channel.

IS-95 uses CDMA?

IS 95 is a cellular phone system based on Direct Sequence CDMA multiple access. Thus, multiple users simultaneously share the same (wideband) channel. Designers from Qualcomm claim a 20 fold increase in capacity over analog cellular telephony.

What is forward channel in CDMA?

The FORWARD CDMA CHANNEL is the cell-to-mobile direction of communication. It carries traffic, a pilot signal, and overhead information. The pilot is a spread, but otherwise unmodulated DSSS signal. The pilot and overhead channels establish the system timing and station identity.

IS95: Forward link. The Forward IS95 Channel consists of several code channels: the Pilot Channel, The Pilot tone is always transmitted by the base station on each active Forward CDMA Channel. It is an unmodulated spread spectrum signal (i.e., it does not contain spreading by the short Walsh Hadamerd code).

IS-95 carrier a bandwidth?

The IS-95 channel occupies 1.25 MHz within this band, the rest of which is occupied by other cellular services such as AMPS. Of the 64 available orthogonal channels (ie. channels which have minimum mutual interference), one is assigned to the pilot channel and one to the synchronization channel.

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Is there a chip rate for 95?


The second-generation mobile telephony version of CDMA is based on the IS-95 standard and uses a 1.2288 MHz chip rate DSSS QPSK signal in a 1.25 MHz wide channel.

IS-95 a 2G or 3G?

With IS-95 being a second generation – 2G system and all the later 3G systems using CDMA as their access system, this meant that IS95 / cdmaOne was a pioneering system.

Is not a channel of CDMA?

Capacity in CDMA is soft, CDMA has all users on each frequency and users are separated by code. This means, CDMA operates in the presence of noise and interference. … Although not available code channels are 64, it may not be possible to use a single time, since the CDMA frequency is the same.

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