You asked: What is session in LTE?

A session refers to user traffic (an IP flow) while a bearer refers to a path that user traffic (IP flows) uses when passing an LTE transport network (between UE and P-GW). In other words, an EPS bearer is a pipe that carries session(s), and hence more than one session can use the same EPS bearer.

What is create session request LTE?

MME forwards a Create session request to the selected S-GW, including the APN and QoS settings that have been selected so far for the EPS bearer. This request indicates the IP address of the P-GW selected for the session. This procedure is just a request.

What is Erab ID in LTE?

The E-RAB-ID IE uniquely identifies a radio access bearer for a particular UE, which makes the E-RAB ID unique over one S1 connection. The E-RAB ID shall remain the same for the duration of the E-RAB even if the UE-associated logical S1-connection is released or moved using S1 handover.

How many types of LTE bearers are there?

Two types of Bearer exist – Dedicated bearer and Default bearer. Default bearer is established when a CPE is initially attached to LTE network while dedicated bearer is always established when there is need to provide QoS to specific service (like VoIP, video etc).

What is best bearer in APN?

Bearer. The Bearer setting allows you to restrict the current APN configuration to only be available when specific communication protocols are in use. … It allows you, for example, to use one APN configuration to be selected when LTE is in use, and another APN configuration to be selected if eHRPD or EvDO is in use.

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How does LTE call work?

VoLTE (voice over LTE) refers to voice calls that are made over a 4G LTE network instead of more traditional calls which are made by using CSFB (Circuit-Switched Fall-back), a system that switches back to 2G or 3G technologies just before connecting a call.

What is KPI in LTE?

Availability KPI. Are used to measure the availability of network, suitable or ready for users to use services. Utilization KPI. Are used to measure the utilization of network, whether the network capacity is reached its resource. KPIs for LTE RAN (Radio Access Network)

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