You asked: Is the Bose Wave Radio Bluetooth?

Enjoy music from today’s most popular sources with high-performance Bose® sound, delivered from a system with a fresh, updated design. The Wave® music system IV with Bluetooth music adapter lets you stream music from your computer, tablet, smartphone—any Bluetooth device—to the system.

How do I connect Bluetooth to my Bose Wave radio?

Press and hold down the Presets 5 button for 5 seconds. The indicator on the music adapter flashes steadily and DISCOVERABLE flashes on the Wave® system display panel. Turn on your phone, tablet computer, or other device and locate its Bluetooth device list. Scroll through the device list and select “Bose Adapter”.

Can I make my Bose Wave Bluetooth?

Lets you play any Bluetooth® device—smartphone, computer, tablet—through your Wave® system, wirelessly. Just connect the adapter to your system, pair with your Bluetooth® device and enjoy your music with rich Bose® sound.

Does Bose Wave 2 have Bluetooth?

You can pair your product to another device via Bluetooth (i.e. mobile phone or tablet). This lets you control the sound your hear from your product. … Note: Bluetooth® is only available on your system if you have connected the accessory SoundLink adapter or the Wave Bluetooth Music adapter.

Is Bose Wave radio worth the money?

The general consensus is that while the Bose Wave system provides great sound, it’s not necessarily worth the significant amount of money you would need to spend on one, especially when other brands offer all-in-one sound systems that are just as good in terms of performance.

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Can you connect wireless speakers to Bose Wave?

Some Wave models come with Bluetooth capability, so you can use a Bluetooth speaker from Bose or any other vendor to augment the Wave’s sound capabilities. On the SoundTouch app, press the menu icon and choose Settings and Speaker settings. If you have more than one Bose device, choose the Wave radio.

Why is my Bose Soundtouch not connecting to Bluetooth?

Go to the Bluetooth® menu in the device settings and remove your Bose product. Then, try connecting again. In the Bluetooth settings of the device, you should see a list of Bluetooth devices that have previously connected to the device. Locate your Bose product in the list and remove it.

How do I connect my Bose Wave system to my TV?

Unplug your Bose Wave system from its power supply. Insert the red and white connectors on the RCA cable to the red and white audio out jacks on the back of your TV. Insert the red and white connectors on the other end of the RCA cable to one of the auxiliary jacks on the your Bose Wave system.

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