Why some websites are not opening on WIFI?

This issue is mainly caused by a router firewall or misconfiguration in the router’s setting. You need to access the router interface by logging into the admin area. Check the default URL to access your router generally it is 192.168.

Why is my WiFi not opening some sites?

Fixing Local Network Issues. Reset your modem and router. If you can get to the website on your phone or tablet’s mobile data network but not your home network, try restarting your wireless router and/or modem. Traffic to or from a certain website may be getting tripped up by your modem or router.

How do I fix a specific website not opening on the Internet?

How to Fix Specific Website Not Opening on Internet

  1. 1 Restart My Device. Many basic problems can be solved simply by restarting your device. …
  2. 2 Make Sure the Internet Connection Works. Open your browser. …
  3. 3 Check if the Website is Down for Everybody or Just Me.

Why are some sites not opening on my computer with my WiFi but do with mobile hotspot?

It’s also possible that those sites on mobile devices are not traffic shaped and have unrestricted access. Because your Wifi and your mobile hotspot route through different ISPs and it sounds like either the router/modem or the ISP for your WiFi may be blocking those sites while your mobile hotspot’s ISP isn’t.

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Why does only Google work on my Internet?

You may face this issue due to internet connection problem or if any security software is blocking the internet connection. Internet connection problems are most commonly caused by disconnected cables or by corrupted network card drivers.

Can connect to mobile hotspot but not WiFi?

On your Android phone, head into Settings > Wi-Fi & network > Hotspot & tethering > Wi-Fi hotspot and turn the toggle to the ON position. … On your computer, click the WiFi icon in the system tray, select your wireless network in the list, and click Connect. Connect to a Mobile Hotspot from a Laptop. Step 3.

Why does my WiFi say action needed?

The Action needed message is your computer’s way of informing you that it’s connecting to the network. … If multiple WiFi networks have the same name (likely a malicious person luring you to connect), this notification also warns you before you connect to the other network.

Why can’t I access any websites except Google?

Most likely your network adapter does not have Internet connectivity for IPv4. Google has an IPv6 address, so you are able to connect. The most other sites have IPv4 addresses. Double Click on your adapter, either Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection as the case may be.

Why won’t some websites load on my phone?

Clear Cache and Data of your browser. Try using a different internet browsing application like Chrome or Samsung Internet. You can download these applications directly from the Google PlayStore. Check for any available Software Updates for your device and if available, download and install.

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Why some websites are not opening in my laptop?

Your browser has a site-blocking extension installed. Your router has been misconfigured or needs a hard reboot. Your Windows host file has an exception list that is permanently blocking access to some websites from every other browser, e.g., Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari.

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