Why are so many logical channels used in GSM?

GSM needs to transmit a large amount of signalling information apart from the payload data. These different types of data are transmitted via several logical channels. … All these logical pieces of information require a carrier frequency to be transmitted. This carrier frequency is the physical channel of 200 KHz.

What is logical channel in GSM?

GSM uses a variety of ‘channels’ in which the data is carried. In GSM, these channels are separated into physical channels and logical channels. The Physical channels are determined by the timeslot, whereas the logical channels are determined by the information carried within the physical channel.

Which logical channel is used for call setup & establishment in GSM?

SDCCH: Stand alone dedicated control channel, used for call setup. SACCH: Slow associated control channel, is used for control and supervisory signals associated with the traffic channels. FACCH: Fast associated control channel, is used for control requirements such as handoff/handovers.

How many channels are there in LTE?


The MAC layer uses the services offered by the physical layer in terms of using the transport channels. The LTE transport channels are: Broadcast Channel (BCH), Downlink Shared Channel (DL-SCH), Paging Channel (PCH), Multicast Channel (MCH), Uplink Shared Channel (UL-SCH), and Random Access Channel (RACH).

What is paging message in LTE?

Paging in LTE network is used to inform and notify UE about various events. The propose of paging procedure is: To transmit paging information to a UE in RRC_IDLE state. … To inform UE about ETWS primary notification and ETWS secondary notification.

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