Which is the first train in India to get WiFi facility?

Google India and Indian Railways’ telecom arm RailTel has launched free Rail Wire Public Wi-Fi service for railway passengers at the Mumbai Central Station. With this, Mumbai Central has become the first railway station in India to have free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet facility.

Which is the first train in India to get Wi-Fi facility?

The first railway station with which the Indian Railways started its journey of providing Wi-Fi facility was that in Mumbai in January 2016, it said, adding that a railway station in Midnapore of West Bengal was the 5000th station and yesterday it reached the 6,000 mark with the Hazaribagh Town railway station.

Which Indian train has Wi-Fi?

Mumbai railway station was the first railway station where WiFi was provided in January 2016. Thereafter, Midanpore in West Bengal became the 5000th station to have WiFi and on 15 May 2021, Hazaribagh became the 6000th station to have WiFi.

Which railway network is first in the world to provide Internet service on trains?

RailTel was formed in September 2000 with the objective of creating nationwide broadband, telecom and multimedia network, to modernise train control operation and safety system of Indian Railways. RailTel’s network passes through around 5,000 stations across the country, covering all major commercial centres.

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Is there Wi-Fi in trains?

Enjoy high speed, uninterrupted internet service at railway stations, as Indian Railways has now equipped as many as 5,628 railway stations on the network with free WiFi facility.

Which city is called WiFi city in India?

Mumbai is first WiFi city in India, gets 500 hotspots.

How can I connect to free railway WiFi?

To connect to the network at Indian Railways stations, turn on phone’s WiFi, search for Availabe Networks, and select Railwire Network. Next, Railwire website’s homepage will appear on your phone’s screen: Next, enter your Mobile Number and click Receive SMS to receive your one-time password (OTP) by text message.

What is the limit of railway WiFi?

But there is a limitation. RailWire WiFi Limit. After you connect with OTP sent to your mobile number, for the first 30 minutes you will get High-Speed Data at a speed of 32 Mbps.

Which network works best in train?

Vodafone offers the second best coverage while commuting via train followed by Idea and BSNL. Clearly, as per the RailYatri data, Airtel is the service to get if you’re someone who travels frequently via train.

Is RailWire WiFi good?

The quality of bandwidth as we observed so far , provided by RailTel has been very good. We are running 140 channels across kerala on RailTel network and we are very much satisfied with their service. RailTel has provided Fiber connectivity to IIM Ahemdabad and is very good connectivity.

How do trains get internet?

For accessing the service, passengers will have to provide mobile number, PNR number, Government ID (election card, Aadhar etc) for getting unique password by SMS on the mobile. The system will be scaled up to offer interactive multimedia entertainment with Internet Television in the future.

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Is RailWire WiFi safe?

If you’re at the rail station using RailWire and you’re browsing unencrypted sites, anyone on the network can inject a dialogue that could attempt to phish your RailWire credentials or credentials to many of your other accounts. … This is true for WiFi networks on trains or subways.

Is Railway Wi-Fi free?

“Wi-Fi facility is being provided by Indian railways at 6,000 stations now,” it added. Provision of Wi-Fi facility at stations is being provided on a self-sustainable basis with no cost to the railways with the help of RailTel, a PSU under Ministry of Railways.

How can I connect with Wi-Fi without password?

Let your friend enter their network’s parameters to generate the QR code. When the code appears, tap the NFC tab to see its NFC equivalent. Send the NFC tag to your own phone. You should be able to connect to the WiFi network without problems, as all Android versions from Lollipop 5.0 and newer support NFC tags.

Is there Wi-Fi in Duronto Express?

The new WiFi hotspot project will be implemented in Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto and Gatimaan Express trains to begin with. Soon, Indian Railways passengers on premium trains such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express will be able to watch movies, listen to music on the go with the help of WiFi hotspots!

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