What is X2 handover in LTE?

Intra-LTE (Intra-MME/SGW) handover using the X2 interface is used to handover a UE from a source eNodeB (S-eNB) to a target eNodeB (T-eNB) using the X2 interface when the Mobility Management Entity (MME) and Serving Gateway (SGW) are unchanged.

What is X2 and S1 handover in LTE?

The X2 procedure is used to handover a UE from a source (H)eNB to a target (H)eNB for which the MME is unchanged. … The S1 procedure is used by the source eNB to initiate a handover through the S1-MME interface, see [4]. This procedure may relocate the MME and/or the S-GW.

What is X2 based handover?

X2 handover is initiated if the If. the target cell is served by the. same MME as the current cell. • The message includes UE context information that identifies the UE on the S1AP interface.

What is the function of X2 interface?

The list of functions on the X2 interface is the following: – Intra LTE-Access-System Mobility Support for ECM-CONNECTED UE: – Context transfer from source eNB to target eNB; – Control of user plane transport bearers between source eNB and target eNB; – Handover cancellation; – UE context release in source eNB.

Which component is responsible for S1 or X2 link?

LTE uses the same protocol structure over both S1 and X2 interfaces, which simplifies the data forwarding operation. The X2 interface has a control-plane (X2-C) and a user-plane (X2-U) component. The X2-U is responsible for the transport of user data packets between eNBs.

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What is intra eNB handover?

Intra E-UTRAN Handover is used to hand over a UE from a source eNodeB to a target eNodeB using X2 when the MME is unchanged. … The presence of IP connectivity between the Serving GW and the source eNodeB, as well as between the Serving GW and the target eNodeB is assumed.

What is X2AP?

Server. X2 Application protocol (X2AP) provides control plane signalling between two eNBs in E-UTRAN (or between eNB and gNB for EN-DC) over X2 interface. X2 interface is used in UE related mobility procedures, in dual connectivity procedures and in global procedures between two eNBs (or one eNB and one gNB for EN-DC).

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