Quick Answer: What is frame in LTE?

In LTE, DL and UL transmissions are organized into radio frames of 10 ms each. Each frame is divided into ten equally sized subframes. The duration of each subframe is 1 ms. Moreover, each subframe is further divided into two equally sized time slots, that is, each slot is 0.5 ms.

How many symbols are there in LTE frame?

A typical LTE frame is 10 ms (milliseconds) long. Each LTE frame has 10 sub-frames (1 ms each) while each sub-frame is further divided into 2 slots (0.5 ms each). The slots are divided into symbols – each slot has either 6 or 7 symbols. The number of symbols per slot depends on the size of the cyclic prefix.

How is LTE transmitted?

The LTE network is based on Internet Protocol (IP) standards, the kind that delivers Web pages to your computer, and adds voice data to the transmission streams [source: 4G Americas]. It uses a schematic called OFDMA, or Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access, which is similar to the OFDM approach in WiMAX.

What is TTI in LTE?

Transmission Time Interval. This is defined as the inter-arrival time of TBS (Transport Block Set), and is equal to the periodicity at which a Transport Block Set is transferred by the physical layer on the radio interface.

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What is LTE Phich?

PHICH stands for Physical HARQ Indicator Channel and it goes on Downlink. … PHICH is a control channel on LTE downlink, that is used to indicate the reception of PUSCH transmission from a mobile/UE. The PHICH indicates either a ACK or a NACK, which the UE will decode to find out if it has to do a retransmission or not.

Does power control used in LTE DL Pdsch?

Downlink Rate Control (Power Control)

In case of 4G LTE Downlink , rather than varying power in the Downlink, full power is distributed uniformly over the whole bandwidth. The same Power Spectral Density (PSD) is used on all DL channels. For example, PDSCH, PHICH, PDCCH etc.

What is frame and subframe?

As nouns the difference between subframe and frame

is that subframe is a subsidiary frame (chunk of data) while frame is the structural elements of a building or other constructed object.

What is the difference between the LTE FDD and TDD frame structures?

LTE-FDD implies that downlink and uplink transmission take place in different, sufficiently separated, frequency bands, while TDD implies that downlink and uplink transmission take place in different, non overlapping time slots. Thus, TDD can operate in unpaired spectrum, whereas FDD requires paired spectrum.

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