Quick Answer: Is there a limit on BT Wi fi with Fon?

Does BT Wi-Fi FON have a limit?

“We thought you’d like to know that your wi-fi usage at BT FON and BT Openzone hotspots this month is now above 8,000 minutes. Our Fair Usage Policy says that if your monthly wi-fi usage goes over 10,000 minutes, we’ll limit your session log-in to 30 minutes at a time. This helps keep things fair for all our users.

Is BT public WiFi unlimited?

If you’ve got BT Broadband or BT Mobile, you get BT Wi-fi for free with unlimited minutes using BT Wi-fi hotspots across the UK and around the world.

What is the range of BT Wi-Fi?

Technical details. BT Wi-Fi provides businesses with a convenient wi-fi service they can offer their customers and other visitors. The typical range of a wireless access point is up to 50 meters indoors and 100 meters outdoors.

How can I tell if someone is using my BT WIFI?

From the Devices tab, you can see the names of all devices connected to your network, together with those in groups. You can also scroll down to see any that are off-line (devices previously connected to your network).

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Can I connect my TV to BT WIFI with FON?

IT IS POSSIBLE to connect a smart tv to BT WIFI with Fon, albeit a bit fiddly! Press MENU on the TV remote. Go to the INSTALLATION icon and open that menu up. Select FIRST TIME INSTALLATION and follow all the prompts.

How many people can log into my BT?

A device will automatically be registered when you’ve logged in and watched a programme on it. You can register up to four* devices, and watch programmes on two devices at the same time. When you’ve reached your device limit, you can register a new device once every thirty days.

How do I connect to BT WIFI with FON?

You should look for wireless networks with names that include “BT Wi-fi”, “Openzone” or “FON”. If you see one of these, click on the name and (if necessary) click “Connect”. You’ll now be connected to the BT Wi-fi hotspot.

How can I get free WiFi?

Ways to Get Free WiFi at Home

  1. Find open Wi-Fi hotspots. …
  2. Ask a Friend to Share an Internet. …
  3. Use a free internet provided by your internet provider. …
  4. Public Places. …
  5. Use one access point with neighbors. …
  6. Use a more sensitive antenna. …
  7. And enjoy free internet on your laptop via WiFi! …
  8. Satellite fishing.

How do I stop my BT router being a hotspot?

How do I opt out of BT Wi-fi?

  1. Log into My BT >
  2. Choose Your package and then Inclusive extras.
  3. Scroll down to BT Wi-fi and click on Manage BT Wifi.
  4. Scroll down and click on the Opt out of BT Wi-fi drop-down, and then the Opt out of BT Wi-fi button.
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