Quick Answer: How do you program a Bluetooth relay?

What is a Bluetooth relay?

Bluetooth Relays are ideal for mobile connectivity and automotive applications. Bluetooth Relays have a wireless range of 300 feet and can communicate directly to most mobile devices. High speed and standardized Bluetooth Communications. Free Android Application to Control Many Series of Boards.

What is Bluetooth module?

HC-05 Bluetooth Module is an easy to use Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Protocol) module, designed for transparent wireless serial connection setup. Its communication is via serial communication which makes an easy way to interface with controller or PC.

What is WiFi relay?

WiFi Relay Controllers allow wireless computer controlled switching from any computer connected to a network. Connect the WiFi Module to the desired wireless Network. Once configured you can start controlling these relays from the networking protocol of your choice.

What is relay module?

A power relay module is an electrical switch that is operated by an electromagnet. … Held in place by a spring, the armature leaves a gap in the magnetic circuit when the relay is de-energized. While in this position, one of the two sets of contacts is closed while the other set remains open.

How much voltage is needed to trigger a relay?

Most are rated at 12v, usually a range of 12-15v. Actual voltage required to operate the relay is usually a little under 12v. That is why your accessories can still operate with the key on and engine off, usually making actual voltage a bit under 12v with lights on.

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Can 5V relay work on 3.3 V?

The relay will draw too much current. For connecting a low current data-connection, it can actually work since the 3.3V might be seen as a logic HIGH. 2. … This little board will change output 5V, when given 3.3V at the signal in.

What is the use of Bluetooth module?

The Bluetooth technology manages the communication channel of the wireless part. The Bluetooth modules can transmit and receives the data wirelessly by using two devices. The Bluetooth module can receive and transmits the data from a host system with the help of the host controller interface (HCI).

How do I know if my Bluetooth module is working?

Testing HC-05 bluetooth module using Arduino UNO as serial to USB converter

  1. First make sure your HC-05 Bluetooth Module is paired with your mobile. …
  2. Click on “SELECT DEVICE” icon to select paired Bluetooth module.
  3. When you press “UP Arrow” it sends the data “A” to Bluetooth Module connected with the circuit.
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