Quick Answer: How do you get a stuck SIM card out of a Moto G?

Just take a forceps, grab the SIM card and just pull it. If you don’t have a forceps then you can use a sharp pin or a needle. Just push the pin in the right side of the SIM slot and pull it by tilting the pin towards right.

How do I get my SIM card out of my phone without the tray?

If your phone doesn’t have a SIM tray, use a paperclip or other small object to push in on the sim card until it pops out. Try using an app like iFunbox or DiskAid to see if they can help you get your data off of your device before you send it in for repair.

Why is my SIM card not popping out?

If the tray is stuck take a really thin paper clip and a pair of pliers and make a little hook that will still thread through the hole but you can angle it to catch on the back side and try to pull the sim tray out manually.

What do you do if your SIM card doesn’t work?

Check that the sim card have service activated. Restart your phone. Turn off your phone, remove the sim card from the phone and then place it back, turn your phone back on. If none of these work, go to your carrier and ask for a FREE replacement sim card – they will transfer your service over to the new sim card.

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Where is the SIM card on Moto G fast?

After the battery is removed, the SIM card is inserted in the slot on the left with the clipped corner to the upper left.

How do you open the SIM card tray with ejector pin?


  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Find the small hole for the SIM card tray.
  3. Insert the SIM ejection tool that comes with the phone into the hole and push firmly but gently until the tray pops out.
  4. Remove the tray and the SIM card on it.
  5. Carefully re-position the tray in the slot and push it gently back into the phone.
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