Question: Can I use both Jio SIM in one phone?

You can use two Jio SIMs in the Smartphone, both the SIM slots are VoLTE enabled. Data will work on one SIM at a time, with the option to swap data on any one SIM.

How can I use 2 4G SIM in one mobile?

There are three options to get both Sims working for you.

  1. Insert both Sims into the phone and activate your jio4G application using the 2nd Sim. …
  2. You can forward all your 2nd Sim calls to 1st Sim (Jio calls are free). …
  3. Buy a new Jiofi device and set up your jio4G application using Sim 2.

How do I keep my Jio SIM active in dual-SIM?

Reliance Jio wont remain active if mobile data is taken from another sim card on the device. You must access internet services from jio 4g to keep it enabled. If you want to use both of your sim cards, then place JIO4G on sim 1 and airtel on sim2.

Can we use both SIM as 4G?

Dual 4G LTE enables 4G connectivity on both SIM cards. Until last year, most phones that came with dual SIM card slots offered 4G connectivity on just one SIM card, with the secondary defaulting to either 3G or 2G speeds. … Dual 4G VoLTE is a subset of the feature, and it allows you to make HD calls from either SIM.

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How do I activate my jio sim abroad?

MyJio App

  1. Open the MyJio App. Select ‘Settings’ from the menu.
  2. Select ‘International roaming’
  3. Select ‘Activate’. You will receive a message once International Roaming has been activated.

Why is my dual SIM not working?

— Ensure the SIM is in the primary SIM slot (slot 1) if your phone has dual-SIM functionality. — Ensure that data is turned on for the SIM. On an Android phone, this can be accessed by tapping on the network sign in the notification shade. on the Mobile Data screen, ensure the data is turned on.

Can jio and Airtel sim not working together?

yes, if you switch to other sim such as airtel jio will go no service. its only because only one sim can be at 4g both sims cant be at 4g. if sim 1 you have enabled 4g then sim 2 will be at 3g or 2g and that is how it works for other phones as well. this is not a problem with airtel or jio.

Which SIM is best for internet?

Here are the Best Mobile SIM Card Networks in India offering high 3G, 4G internet speeds, good coverage and great offers.

  1. Airtel. Airtel is one of the biggest cellular networks in India. It’s services like My plan and Airtel Money is quite popular. …
  2. Jio. Reliance Jio is said to be the world’s biggest startup with over Rs.

Is it compulsory to put Jio SIM in slot 1?

To use it’s service just enable DATA on your JIO SIM. It’s not necessary to insert your sim in the 1st slot . You can use the sim in 2nd slot too.

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Does dual-SIM affect Internet speed?

While data speeds are reduced by almost 40% on MediaTek devices, the results show that Qualcomm powered dual-SIM handsets also reduce data speeds by anywhere between 2% to 15%, depending on specific smartphones.

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