Is there free WIFI on MSC seaside?

Almost without exception, WiFi aboard an MSC cruise ship is not free of charge, (for MSC Yacht Club travellers, it is free), so you will have to pay for connectivity.

What cruise ships have free WiFi?

Overview of each cruise line Wi-Fi

  • Viking Ocean. Viking offers free Wi-Fi across all its cruise ships, with a VSAT satellite connection which is one of the best solutions for ocean cruising. …
  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises. …
  • Hapag-Lloyd. …
  • Silversea Cruises. …
  • Crystal Cruises. …
  • Seabourn Cruise Line. …
  • Azamara Club Cruises.

How do I get free WiFi on a cruise?

There are three ways to find free wifi whilst your cruise ship is in port.

  1. Go to an open deck. If there’s free wifi in the cruise terminal, you might not need to leave the ship to access it, so this is worth a shot. …
  2. Ask a crew member. …
  3. Get a free wifi finder app.
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Does MSC Yacht Club include WiFi?


Interactive TV, telephone and safe. Wifi connection included. Bar setup and refrigerator. Air conditioning.

How much does WiFi cost on cruise ships?

The Social Voyage plan costs $14.99 per day or $69.99 for a 7-night cruise) and allows you to connect to Facebook and other popular social websites and applications. The $24.99/day Surf Voyage plan allows access to email, news, sports and more standard web browsing. The weeklong rate is $99.99.

How can I text for free on a cruise?

If you want to text while on a cruise ship, you have the option of either connecting to the ship’s Wi-Fi network or its cellular service so you send an SMS over the Internet for free. Most modern ships are built with “Wireless Maritime Services” or ‘Cellular at Sea” services to provide cell signal for those aboard.

Can you use a cell phone on a cruise ship?

Do cell phones work on cruise ships? It’s a common question with varying answers. Guests are free to utilize their cellular data or connect to our onboard Wi-Fi on any ship. But, please be aware that cellular data used on the ship or in certain ports of call will result in charges from your cell phone provider.

Is it worth it to buy WiFi on a cruise?

Wifi can be extremely expensive onboard cruise ships and it is notoriously slow. We found rates as hight as $0.95 per minute and the least expensive package was $9.95 for 15 minutes of wifi. … Wifi prices and speeds are improving into 2020, but they’re still a very costly add-on to any cruise vacation.

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Do you have to pay for WIFI on a cruise?

The basics of cruise ship internet[edit]

There is a per minute fee to use the service, which on most lines is the same, regardless of whether you use the ship’s computer or your own device. Very typically, it is around $0.50-1.00 USD/minute when you pay for individual minutes.

Can you use a hotspot on a cruise?

Portable wireless hotspots do work on cruise ships but only when the ship is docked or VERY close to land. Your phone’s hotspot will also work on a cruise ship as long as you have cell service, are docked or close to land and roaming is included in your plan.

How much does MSC charge for gratuities?

Adults 12 & over – $12.50 per night. Child 2 and over – $6.25 per night.

Is the MSC Yacht Club offered on all ships?

The MSC Yacht Club is available on all Fantasia, Meraviglia, and Seaside class ships. To find out more about the MSC Yacht Club offering visit here.

How much are drinks on a MSC cruise?

Package Details: MSC Cruises offers multiple beverage packages, starting with the Easy Package, which is available for $35 per person, per day, and includes drinks priced up to $6 including house wines by the glass, one brand of draft beer that varies by sailing and Miller Lite bottled beer (on Caribbean itineraries …

How do I avoid roaming charges on a cruise?

To avoid unwanted charges, your safest bet onboard your cruise ship is to switch to airplane mode, reactivate your wireless feature and log in to the ship’s Wi-Fi network. (Note: Switching to airplane mode will turn off wireless until you manually reactivate it.)

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Is Wi-Fi free on Norwegian Cruise Line?

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that they will offer free wifi as part of their Premium All Inclusive packages on every new booking made with effect from today (Feb 1). … The new package will give customers 60 minutes of free wifi during their cruises.

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