Is the A51 5G a good phone?

At $500, the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G feels like a great deal for what you get. It’s a well-built and solid-feeling phone with a large and crisp screen, excellent battery life, solid performance, 5G support, and pretty good cameras.

Is Samsung A51 5G worth buying?

The Galaxy A51 quickly cemented its position as a phone that you can’t really go wrong with. It’s a great mid-range phone and with all of the improvements that the 5G variant brings, it has become even better. At this price, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy the Galaxy A51 5G.

Is Samsung A51 a good phone to buy?

With the A51, you’re getting a really great screen, decent build quality, some okay cameras, and even a headphone jack. It’s also offering three years of guaranteed software updates which guarantees support until at least Android 12.

Is a galaxy A51 waterproof?

Pretty simple, really: the Samsung Galaxy A51 is waterproof but it does not have an IP rating, so you’re basically not officially covered for any underwater activities. However, should you accidentally drop it the bath, you phone itself will almost certainly be fine.

Is Galaxy A51 worth it in 2021?

But putting money down for the Galaxy A51 in mid-2021 isn’t very wise unless — again — you can find it for around half the original price. … It’s just no longer worth a purchase at full price in the wake of so many 2021 Galaxy A phones that boast 5G and high refresh rate displays.

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Why is my Galaxy A51 so slow?

Usually the slow performance happen because of too much applications running in the background like chatting, social media, games and some other more. They will standby in the background to wait data update and wait some command.

Which is better A71 or A51?

Though the Galaxy A71 is the better device of the two in the specs department, it also comes at a higher price. … As you can see from the specs comparison below, the Galaxy A71 has a bigger display, more RAM, higher base storage, higher-resolution primary camera, larger battery, and faster-wired charging than the A51.

How fast is A51?

The Exynos 9611 on the A51 houses the same configuration processor as on the A50’s Exynos 9610. Based on a 10nm FinFET process, the chipset consists of four Cortex-A73 cores with clock speeds up to 2.3GHz for performance-intensive tasks and four Cortex A-53 cores clocked at up to 1.6GHz.

Does the A51 5G have wireless charging?

The Samsung Galaxy A51 device might be a very recent Samsung phone (released at the beginning of 2020) but it does not have wireless charging. Unfortunately, none of the devices in the A-series have wireless charging.

Does Samsung A51 support wireless charging?

With a sleek, modern design Qi wireless chargers are a beautiful way to charge your samsung galaxy A51 at your desk, office or at home. Designed for quick and intuitive charging, Qi wireless chargers allow you to charge your USB-C device without the mess of charging cables.

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