Is Samsung M21 a 4G phone?

The Samsung Galaxy M21 comes with a Single camera setup on the rear which has 48 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP cameras. … Various connectivity options on the Samsung Galaxy M21 include WiFi – Yes Wi-Fi 802.11, ac/b/g/n/n 5GHz, Wi-Fi Direct, Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth – Yes v5. 0, and 4G (supports Indian bands), 3G, 2G.

Is Samsung Galaxy M21 4G or 5G?

Samsung Galaxy M21 vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G comparison

Show Only Differences Highlight Differences Samsung Galaxy M21 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
SIM Type Nano-SIM Nano-SIM
3G Yes Yes
4G/ LTE Yes Yes

How do I turn on 4G on my Samsung M21?

Switch between 3G/4G – Samsung Galaxy M21

  1. Swipe up.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Connections.
  4. Select Mobile networks.
  5. Select Network mode.
  6. Select your preferred option.

Is 4GB RAM enough for Samsung M21?

12,999, the Galaxy M21 offers an AMOLED screen, 6000mAh battery, a decent amount of RAM and storage, and of course, Samsung branding.

Samsung Galaxy M21 Price and Specifications.

Model Samsung Galaxy M21
Chipset 10nm Exynos 9611 (2.3GHz octa-core; Mali G72MP3 GPU)
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Which series is best in Samsung?

These are the best Samsung phones

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21. The best Samsung phone for most people. …
  2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The best premium Samsung phone. …
  3. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G. …
  4. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. …
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. …
  6. Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. …
  7. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. …
  8. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Which is better M21 or M31?

When we look on the insde, it becomes clear why the Samsung M31 is ranked higher in the Samsung M series.

Comparison between the Samsung Galaxy M31 and the Samsung Galaxy M21.

Samsung M31 Samsung M21
Speed class Good Good
Screen 6.4 inches Full HD 6.4 inches Full HD
Battery capacity 6000mAh 6000mAh

What is the use of * * 4636 * *?

If you would like to know who accessed Apps from your phone even though the apps are closed from the screen, then from your phone dialer just dial *#*#4636#*#* it will show up results like Phone Information, Battery Information, Usage Statistics, Wi-fi Information.

Why is there no 4G on my Samsung phone?

Some forms of 4G LTE not working issue are attributed to bad network configuration. Try to reset the network settings and see if it helps: From the Home screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray. Tap General Management > Reset > Reset network settings.

How do I force my Samsung 4G only?

The method is very easy:

  1. Use SIM 1 as the default connection setting.
  2. Download the Force 4G LTE only 2020 application via the Google Play store. Or via Galaxy store : …
  3. Run the application, press the SIM 1 only or Android testing button. …
  4. You can try all of them which support your phone.
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Can I buy Samsung M21 offline?

Samsung Galaxy M21 price in India is now set at Rs 12,999 for the 4GB RAM + 64GB storage variant. … Notably, the offline pricing matches the online price of the two variants, which is set Rs 12,999 and Rs 14,999, respectively, on Samsung India’s website.

Which phone is the best phone in the world?

The best phones you can buy today

  1. Apple iPhone 12. The best phone for most people. …
  2. OnePlus 9 Pro. The best premium phone. …
  3. Apple iPhone SE (2020) The best budget phone. …
  4. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The best hyper-premium smartphone on the market. …
  5. OnePlus Nord 2. …
  6. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. …
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. …
  8. OnePlus 9.
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