How do I reset my Xfinity WiFi modem?

Why is my Xfinity WiFi not working?

Unplug your equipment, wait one minute, and then plug it back in. This method, known as powercycling or rebooting, can fix many connection problems. Make sure your account is up to date on payments by going to the Billing tab in My Account (you may be asked to sign in using your Xfinity ID and password first).

Where is the reset button on Comcast modem?

Locate the “Reset” button on the front or back of your modem and press and hold the reset button using a thin, non-metallic object such as the tip of a ballpoint pen. Hold the button until the lights on the face of the modem turn off. Release the button and wait for the modem to cycle back up and reinitialize.

How do I access my Xfinity router settings?

Open a web browser and go to the Admin Tool ( This is the Wireless Gateway’s administration site. The default settings to open the Admin Tool are: Username: admin.

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What happens if I reset my Xfinity router?

A factory reset restores your Gateway to its original default settings, including your WiFi name and password. A factory reset requires using a small object, such as a paper clip or pin, to hold in the Reset button on the back of the Gateway for 30 seconds until all the LED lights power off.

Should you reset your router?

The truth is that there are no recommended intervals to reset your router. Most companies recommend rebooting your router at least every couple of months. If you’re ever wondering whether or not you could benefit from a router reboot, just go ahead and do it.

What to do if WiFi is not connecting?

Step 1: Check settings & restart

  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is on. Then turn it off and on again to reconnect. Learn how to connect to Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Make sure Airplane mode is off. Then turn it on and off again to reconnect. …
  3. Press your phone’s power button for a few seconds. Then, on your screen, tap Restart .

Why is my Xfinity WiFi keep disconnecting?

Your Xfinity getting disconnected often can be a cause of loose cable. Check if the cables are intact. If you find them loose, try slightly twisting them and check if the connection is restored. … Also, check for some potential damage to the cable or if the insulation tape has come out.

Why is my internet not working?

There are a lot of possible reasons for why your internet isn’t working. Your router or modem may be out of date, your DNS cache or IP address may be experiencing a glitch, or your internet service provider could be experiencing outages in your area. The problem could be as simple as a faulty Ethernet cable.

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Where is the reset button on a modem?

The reset button is typically red and can be found on the back of the modem.

How do I reset my cable modem?

To reset your cable modem to factory default settings using the Factory reset software button:

  1. Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your network.
  2. Enter your cable modem or modem router’s user name and password. …
  3. Select ADVANCED. …
  4. Click the Factory reset button. …
  5. Click the OK button.

How do I fix my Comcast modem?

Troubleshoot Internet through My Account

  1. Go to the Internet Service tab in My Account (you may be asked to sign in using your Xfinity ID and password).
  2. Scroll down to Devices. Find the modem and select Restart Modem.
  3. Select Start Troubleshooting to begin your modem restart. This can take up to seven minutes.

What is the default Xfinity router login?

Default Xfinity Router Login for WiFi Device

A consumer usually receives a router in factory default settings. The default Xfinity router login is ‘admin’ for the default username and ‘password’ for the password.

What is the default IP address for Xfinity router?

Most Xfinity routers have a default IP address of 10.0. 0.1. The IP address is required when accessing the Xfinity router’s web interface to configure it. You can also check the instructions on how to figure out your Xfinity router ip if you are connected to the router’s network.

How do I change the security settings on my Xfinity router?

Navigate to Gateway > Connection > Wi-Fi, then select Edit to change the security mode. To complete the change, click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

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