How do I clear Bluetooth memory in my Subaru?

How do I delete a Bluetooth device in my Subaru Forester?

1. Select the “DELETE AUDIO” (type C audio)/“Delete Audio Player” (type D audio) menu. If no devices are registered, “EMPTY” is displayed and the mode changes to the Bluetooth® audio setting mode.

How do I reset my Subaru computer?

How to Reset a Subaru Check Engine Light

  1. Open the hood of your Subaru and loosen the nut that holds the cable clamp to the negative battery terminal.
  2. Slide the cable off the negative battery terminal.
  3. Wait 5 minutes, then reconnect the cable and tighten the retaining nut.

How do I delete phone numbers from my Subaru Forester?

Subaru Forester: Deleting the phonebook data

  1. Select the “DELETE ENTRY” menu.
  2. Select the phone number by performing either of the following procedures. – Operate the “TUNE/TRACK/CH” dial. …
  3. Select the “CONFIRM” menu. Then “DELETED” is displayed and the selected phonebook data is deleted.
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How do I set up BT audio on my Subaru?

Setting Bluetooth® audio

  1. Type A audio: Select the “BT-A SETUP” menu by pressing the “MENU” button. …
  2. Type B audio: Select the “BT Audio Setup” menu by operating the “TUNE/TRACK/CH” dial. …
  3. NOTE. You cannot set Bluetooth® audio while driving.
  4. Registering (pairing) device.
  5. NOTE. …
  6. NOTE. …
  7. Selecting device. …
  8. Setting passkey.

How do I clear Bluetooth memory in my car?

Clearing the Bluetooth memory from a Car Stereo can vary by model but generally, you will need to navigate to the settings screen, then to the Bluetooth setting where you should be able to delete all previous devices saved on the memory or select specific Bluetooth devices to delete.

How do I connect my Bluetooth to my Subaru?

How to Set Up Subaru Bluetooth

  1. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your mobile device.
  2. On your STARLINK multimedia screen, click Setup > Bluetooth > Add. …
  3. On your mobile device, select your Subaru STARLINK system in the Bluetooth menu. …
  4. Your mobile device and Subaru STARLINK system are now connected via Bluetooth.

How do I reset my Subaru battery after replacing it?

Disconnect the battery (one terminal is adequate). Press the brake pedal a few times to remove any residual current from the system. After at least 30 seconds reconnect the battery (this time can be extended just to make sure any capacitors still holding a charge have discharged).

What happens if you reset your ECU?

“Resetting the ECU” is the process of clearing all the long term memory from the ECU’s memory. … The ECU will also store trouble codes for diagnostic capability. By resetting the ECU, the trim values will be set to some neutral default value and all of the trouble codes will be cleared.

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How do I disconnect my iPhone from my Subaru?

Deleting registered cell phone from the list

  1. Select the “SETUP” menu.
  2. Select the “PHONE SETUP” menu.
  3. Select the “DELETE” menu.
  4. Select a cell phone to be deleted by operating the “TUNE/TRACK/CH” dial or saying a voice tag.
  5. Select the “CONFIRM” menu.

How do I delete contacts from my Subaru?

Touch HOME on the Navigation Screen. Touch PHONE SETTINGS. Touch CONTACTS and scroll to the number you wish to delete. Touch DELETE.

How do I set up Bluetooth in my Subaru Forester?

Pair Your Smartphone Using Bluetooth

Find the talk switch located on your steering wheel and hold it down for three seconds. This activates your Subaru’s voice recognition system and LCD screen. When your LCD screen is activated, use your radio control knob to select the language you wish to use.

You can get Starlink through a subscription service in 2021 Subaru Ascent, Crosstrek, Forester, and other select models. You’ll receive one year of free Starlink Safety Plus if you buy a new or certified pre-owned Subaru model equipped with the Starlink system. … Otherwise, a Starlink subscription costs $99 per year.

There are two different STARLINK Safety and Security packages you can choose from. STARLINK Safety Plus comes with everything listed below and is free for a full year when you buy a new Subaru or a Certified Pre-Owned Subaru. After your initial free year, STARLINK Safety Plus costs $99/year.

What smartphones are compatible with the MySubaru and STARLINK mobile apps? The MySubaru app and SUBARU STARLINK app are compatible with Apple iOS 10.3. 2 or newer or Android 8.0 or newer.

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